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a try square with an adjustable sliding head

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If any architects or firms have redundant T squares and set squares, and books and journals they can spare, these would be gratefully received.
He formed an Austin Seven Club - and now around 10 youngsters, aged between 11 and 13, have swapped set squares for spanners to get Constance on the road again.
It's all added up to a great result with schools stocking up on computers, calculators, books, rulers, protractors, set squares, number dice and teacher/pupil teaching sets.
Since nursery school children are hardly into set squares and protractors quite yet, Mrs McKay says Wellfield will be hoping to raise enough tokens for equipment such as the Sunshine Number Game for 1895 tokens, Giant Wooden Dominoes for 5995, and the Playmat for 2595.
Help your children cut a dash at school with this neat carry case containing a design and technology kit, including a ruler, cutting mat, knife, flexible curve, compass, templates, set squares, eraser, and pencil sharpener.
Set squares upside down, with space between them, and 12 hours later, redust.