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a try square with an adjustable sliding head

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Just set square once and the gauges enable you to slide it along the stringer.
In contrast Pinnochio, is "a more open and communal fantasy, told in a wide-awake prose and set square in the middle of a wide-awake world" (180).
Use your steel rule to assure that top and bottom edges of the panels are even, so the box will set square.
The diagonal orientation lengthens views across the interior, resulting in a more spacious feeling than if rooms had been set square to the site.
Even though the dovetails in the base may be milled perfectly square and the rail itself set square on the scope tube, the reticle will often be tipped slightly out of vertical when he crossbolts are tightened.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Raw Material under cluster Group Syestem,Adjustable set square vih Beel Edge 30Cm,AXLE BOOT GREESE.
Tools and materials : Chop saw Drill/driver & 3mm countersink drill bit Tape measure & set square 4in x 1in timber fence panels Screws Hinges & latch 1.
And I loathe it when I have washed all the towels, and they are all folded nicely with set square precision in the airing cupboard, and then some b***d has a bath and uses one of my lovely neat towels.
Middlesbrough artist Andy McKeown, part of the Platform Arts creative community, has been engaged to forge a giant metal set square stationery set and a three metre high claw hammer, which will be installed at key gateways across the area.
No matter how obscure your requirements - whether you want a left-handed fountain pen or an adjustable set square or a bottle of amber ink - this is the place to find it.
I come from a long-line of low-tech folk: my grandfather, a master bricklayer, had to construct with straight edge and compass, and then build all the frameworks for the arches he built around Sydney; my father, a navigator in the navy, used a parallel ruler and set square (oh, and log tables); yet, I am increasingly intrigued by the possibilities opened up by electronic technology--in particular, by the way that the technology allows us to play
A decade ago you may remember that Volvo were simple cars that used to look as if designed with a set square.
The plate was previously set square to the celestial pole, and it was interesting to note that when the Teegul was fixed to the plate the polar alignment was near perfect.
99 you get a cardboard belt and six board books shaped as tools, including a hammer, ruler, set square and mobile phone.
For 45-degree cuts, mark the timber, cut through two sides with the saw base tilted at 45 degrees and the remaining two sides with the blade set square.