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a two-handed basketball shot from a stationary position

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passing), and defensive pressure have all improved and according to Gray and Jenkins (2010), data collected through global positioning systems technology and video analysis has shown Australian football is getting faster, yet according to Champion data Statistician Karl Jackson (personal communication, April 30, 2012); set shot goal kicking accuracy has declined over the last 12 years by 1.
He was known for his two-handed set shot and his rebounding.
AFL: Western Bulldogs ruckman Will Minson slotted a set shot with seconds to play to snatch a remarkable 19.
TWO years after her fantastic Frank debut, smoky-voiced Winehouse moves on from late-night jazz to I evoke the spirit of Motown in a superb set shot through with bluesy soul.
There were only two kinds of shots the twohanded set shot and a driving lay-up and nothing in between, '' Harris points out.
In The Kid Who Couldn't Miss (which, like Westray, is said to have nudged close to an Oscar nomination), Cowan's insouciant mockery and anti-war mind set shot the golden boy out of the sky.
I'll even let you do a set shot and won't even smack it back to where you buy them dirty sneakers every Saturday, the You Was Here Yesterday Store.
Tuohy was in the thick of the action in the third quarter when he missed a set shot on goal and was later on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from coach Mick Malthouse for giving the ball away.
The royal set shot is as sweet as honeyed ghee, and the royal dribble as poised as a monk in meditation.
But with the driver he just doesn't have a set shot.
By set shot we mean a player kicking for goal following a mark or free kick.
Load resin, purge the machine, and then rotate the screw back to the set shot size
Every time you dropped off Cousy to prevent him from passing or dribbling, he'd kill you with a set shot.