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a two-handed basketball shot from a stationary position

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He was known for his two-handed set shot and his rebounding.
Tuohy was in the thick of the action in the third quarter when he missed a set shot on goal and was later on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from coach Mick Malthouse for giving the ball away.
The royal set shot is as sweet as honeyed ghee, and the royal dribble as poised as a monk in meditation.
Load resin, purge the machine, and then rotate the screw back to the set shot size
will soon be in order because however the NBA Finals end - with a Lakers championship or a Detroit upset - chances are the triangle offense will soon be headed the way of the slide rule and the two-handed set shot.
Every time you dropped off Cousy to prevent him from passing or dribbling, he'd kill you with a set shot.
Steve Messing, a matte painter at Crazy Horse Effects, transformed footage of a distant set shot in Kamloops, British Columbia that included approximately five dilapidated huts on a short stretch of dirt, into a sprawling, military-style refugee camp near the Himalayan mountains that looks as if it goes on forever.
He's so confident with his 3-wood and his irons, but with the driver he just doesn't have a set shot.
To prevent damage to the mold from overpacking if you set shot size incorrectly.
Magic was leading the break, driving, pulling up for that awkward set shot, flashing his memorable smile, being Magic.
The shooter can take the open 15-18 foot set shot or fake toward the free-throw line, cross over, and drive the baseline.
She used to rely on a set shot, but now she has an accurate jumper, releasing the ball from over her head.
He has stories older than any of the Laker girls, fond memories of a game predicated on passing and defense and a mindset as obsolete as the set shot.
The Bruins moved to the baseline, and Love went first again, and his two-handed set shot went in.
Stanford 3-time All-American (1936-39) revolutionized the game with a one-hand set shot.