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a decoration used as part of the set of a theatrical or movie production

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In his spare time he enjoys film, set decoration and handmade decorative Christmas gift wrap.
Apart from her backing band, and a little step ladder (short, remember), the only set decoration was a curtain of bulbs creating colourful pictures to suit the songs.
Production values are gloriously high, from Stuart Craig's production design to Stephanie McMillan's impeccable set decoration and Jany Temime's lustrous costumes.
Grant Major gets the nomination for art direction while set decoration goes to the duo of Dan Hennah and Alan Lee for this second installment of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
With checkerboard squares in the carpeting and over-sized gameboard pawns that served as set decoration, the "get in the game" theme was played very well by exhibitors and attendees alike at the North American 2000 Material Handling Show and Forum in Detroit.
It's this quality that makes Love's work an integral part of the psychological landscape of a production instead of mere set decoration.
But she reckons her character, Lizzie, is little more than set decoration.
There are all these visual clues in the set decoration [about] what their characters have been doing all these years.
The modern locations are often camouflaged--much like the show's secretive protagonists --utilizing a canny mix of production design and props, with period-specific cars and set decoration helping to sell the facade.
Two exhibitions also opened at the gallery of the Marko Cepenkov Cultural Center, one to mark the centenary of the birth of the founder of the Macedonian set decoration, Vasilije Popovik-Cico, and the other paying homage to Bitola's De Niro colony.
Staff and students at John Wilmott School in Erdington feared that their production of the musical Little Shop of Horrors would have to be scrapped when funding for set decoration dried up.
From set decoration and lighting to assisting with the costumes, there's something for everyone.
Adam Stockhausen, production design, Rena De Angelo, set decoration, and Bernhard Henrich, set decoration; "Bridge of Spies"
The film, which tells the story of George's struggle to overcome his stammer, has picked up 12 nominations, including one former Birmingham City University student Judy Farr, nominated in the Art Direction category for set decoration.