set back

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slow down the progress of

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cost a certain amount

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To measure and set back the shoulder, I used a spent pistol cartridge case turned upside down to fit over the neck of the 6mm case and stop on the shoulder.
We back what is being done by the coalition because it is vital we degrade, set back, and ultimately destroy Isil in both countries.
It is well set back from the road and has a good-sized, wellmaintained garden at the front and back.
IMPRESSIVE The spacious family home stands in a commanding position with a corner plot set back from the road in Low Fell.
Bhubneshwar, March 8 (ANI): India's main opposition alliance suffered a set back with a powerful eastern regional ally saying that seat-sharing talks failed on Saturday.
This set back just spurred Marine to greater things and Parle (60 mins) and a third from Shaun Tuck on 74 minutes capped a fine display.
Set back to accommodate a large urban plaza featuring professionally landscaped trees, 780 Third Ave.
A federal court has set back a Virginia town councilman's crusade to offer sectarian prayers at public meetings.
The original elevation was set back from the canal by the depth of a room, a fact that conveniently allowed space for a pair of pagoda-like extensions cradling a garden, adding charm and detail to an otherwise typologically normal Gothic facade from 1355.
Strongly recommended to the attention of mystery fans, "The Jewel of Scotland" is an original mystery whose characters will linger in your memory long after the book is finished and set back upon the shelf.
It's not just that our work has been set back 6 months to a year, but you've suddenly lost all of your tools," he says.
The man did everything in his power to aggravate and to set back any dialogue between Rome and the gay world.
Hallmarked verse that is a once implacably honest and deftly scripted with a memorable rhetoric, this is a body of work that will linger in the mind long after this slim, 64-page volume has been set back upon the shelf to be read again another day.