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set fire to

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Victims also might be tortured before hanging or set aflame.
After our welcome drink of dry, sparkling wine, we were enthralled as our bowls of lobster bisque were set aflame inches from where we sat.
Gaspar Brasserie in San Francisco, for instance, offers the Cafe Brulot, a classic New Orleans after-dinner drink; it's served tableside, where it is set aflame before being extinguished with coffee.
Traditionally, the rich cream sauce was spiked with brandy or cognac and set aflame in a flair of drama, but we never had the show at home.
His job, a bishop's job, is to set aflame what has already been sparked.
Arab media has been detached from reality since its inception, from the time Abdullah Al-Nadeem covered events of Ahmed Orabi's army confronting the invading British forces and fabricated dozens of reports on British naval ships set aflame in the Mediterranean while British forces were instead rapidly advancing towards Cairo.
So rather than having guns blazing, as in Sealy, there are pyres set aflame with unfortunate women set atop them.
25 vehicles -- including 16 police cars -- were damaged or set aflame by the estimated 400 South Asian migrant workers involved in the rampage.
A Navy video of testing conducted last summer off the coast of California shows how a laser beam fired from a Navy destroyer was able to set aflame an approaching UAV or drone, sending it crashing into the ocean.
Also, Israeli warplanes bombarded and set aflame a location in Hai-ul-Tufah neighborhood in east Gaza city.
A handcrafted ice sphere is first "tempered" with green Chartreuse, then set aflame.
Even the MTV-approved video for "Sixteen Saltines" is bitter and gruesome, with Jack playing the last adult on Earth, bound by rope and set aflame (perhaps a wink to the previous single's desire).
Although no one was injured, the entire school was set aflame and left nothing for the 300 students expected to return the following day.
5 cars have burned in Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas overnight, with 3 others set aflame in the region of southern city of Stara Zagora.
Vehicles were set aflame, and riot police responded with volleys of tear gas.