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set fire to

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Reportedly, Pavlaneski approached to the main gate opening to Lyubyanka Square and set ablaze it.
A check point manned by South Sudan customs police came under attack shortly at 2:00am as a policeman was injured and three trucks set ablaze," said Igga.
The journalist was set ablaze at his residence on June 1.
In mid-October, Israeli settlers set ablaze part of the Abu Baker al-Saddiq Mosque, which is located in the village of Aqraba in the West Bank, in an arson attack.
A security source said in a press statement today that "our armed forces and Army Aviation attacked the nests of terrorists and gatherings killing / 60 / elements of them and set ablaze in / 9 / vehicles in areas of al-Owesat, Al-Rowashid and al- Hardaniya, north of Balad.
My uniform was set ablaze and my colleagues helped me put out the fire.
Following the exchange of fire, protesters also set ablaze a number of shops in Tirah bazaar and tension mounted.
Sana said the explosion appeared to have set ablaze a fuel truck nearby, increasing the damage and casualties.
Protesters and riot police clashed after demonstrators attempted to set ablaze the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Zagazig city in the governorate of Al-Sharqeya.
Manama: A masked teenager who was hit by a car as he attempted to block a road with tyres to be set ablaze has been admitted to Bahrain's main hospital after his family initially hesitated to seek medical treatment fearing punitive action by the authorities.
The fact that schools are being set ablaze or bombed, this could be the work of an individual, but we promise if we find the perpetrators of such incidents we surely will punish them," he added.
A NETWORK of 2012 beacons will be set ablaze across the Commonwealth in honour of the Queen's diamond jubilee.
According to the source, police are questioning two men in the case of four cars that were set ablaze Sunday.
Dog owner can use the self serve dog wash with warm water, shampoo and a hair dryer for their pets CONGO Opposition supporters burn tires and barricade a road in protest after armed men set ablaze an independent television station that the government had previously tried to silence, in Kinshasa MALAYSIA Customs officers inspect elephant tusks seized in Port Klang, outside Kuala Lumpur.
POLICE cars and a double decker bus were set ablaze and shops looted as rioters went on the rampage in Tottenham, north London, last night.