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a cookie that is stored temporarily and is destroyed when you close the link

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Simply because he logged in - a computer research firm called Fox IT was able to grab his online credentials from Yahoo's servers, including his password and online session cookie.
Once the device is plugged in it exploits that communication and steals session cookies from the top one million websites," Ferguson told the (http://www.
The cookies for the non-members can be placed only if the social network obtained priory their consent, and they need to be only session cookies opposed to permanent cookies.
Session cookies are stored in temporary memory and deleted when users close the browser.
Department of Homeland Security, stated that hackers could exploit the bug to steal session cookies in browsers, social networks, taking control of accounts for email providers and banks that use that technology.
Agencies could still use session cookies to track users in a single browser session, but they could not track activities through multiple agencies.