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a girl who is a servant


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The book is split into four sections, the first one is about Despereaux, then the second one is about Roscuro, a rat, the third one is about Miggery, a serving girl who is deaf and has obviously had a tragic past.
Known largely for the Act I barcarole for Lakme and her serving girl, which famously became the television calling-card for British Airways some years ago, and the flamboyant coloratura of the Act II Bell Song, the opera is rarely revived these days.
Sexy Roberta, 21, was dismissed by the Army after she became the first serving girl soldier to strip off in a national newspaper.
A serving girl risks her life to save him and brings him up as her own child.
Based on the real account of a serving girl executed for a similar crime, Rossini rescues his heroine and his story from real tragedy but the ending of this production sees a traumatised Ninetta unable to relate to her erstwhile accusers, who include her supposed beloved.
That was probably the baby of a serving girl from a bygone era," Peter said.
Rosy, the serving girl, sat opposite William, the farm-hand, and although he didn't raise his eyes, he was aware that she had sat down.
Our Quiney knocks-up Margaret, his compliant but socially ignorant serving girl.
I started back as Rosy, the serving girl, slipped a hot plate covered with toasted cheese in front of us.
The "stooping" of the title that the feisty and delicious daughter Kate (Dorothea Myer-Bennett) has to undertake in order to get a husband, is to adopt the persona of a serving girl rather than the intelligent and respectable lady she is.
Tracey Ullman ("Corpse Bride") as a slow-witted serving girl who harbors a simple, impossible wish, Mig.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- InnerChange is delighted to announce that Lake House Academy, a therapeutic boarding school serving girls ages 10-14, has joined the InnerChange family of programs.
Pilgrim Lutheran School is a Christian day school, serving girls & boys from preschool through eighth grade.
Fri-Wed, Warwick Arts Centre) *** On Release Albert Nobbs (15) A woman poses as a man to work as a waiter in an upmarket 19th century Dublin hotel and is persuaded to court one of the serving girls to further her plan of buying a tobacconists.