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The DAV National Service Program employs some 250 National Service Officers, 25 Transition Service Officers and approximately 140 support personnel in more than 80 offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
A district's decision to outsource its food service program can have a dramatic effect on meal counts.
The assessment of a specific reference service program examines how well a particular reference effort in a known environment is able to achieve its goals.
But if any other group wishes to be listed in the service program, the district's regulations say that group "must provide assurances that the organization is free from doctrinal motivation.
1 that "all parties involved in the Multitype Library Organization are mutually responsible for the development and implementation of the organization's overall Service Program and success of the organization" (p.
Another important benefit of an in-house service program can be achieved through preventing or shortening acute hospitalization stays through the participation of an on-site nurse.
Another recent addition to our Service Programs are the Mobile Service Office (MSO) vans staffed by NSOs who take services directly to veterans in their communities.
Under the community service program, those convicted of minor offenses are sentenced to do tasks such as cleaning up litter, removing graffiti and assisting local organizations.
Looking to the future, Commander Steese praised the Mobile Service Office Program, Transition Service Program, our Chapter and Department Service programs, and Voluntary Services for expanding the DAV's presence in communities all across the nation.
This Affinity Service Program, currently available only in Ontario, will soon be offered in Quebec.
Without DAV's contribution of millions of hours of voluntary support, the VA's Voluntary Service program would be only an empty shell of what it is today.
WASHINGTON, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- President Clinton's National Service Program could provide a valuable option for students and open the door to a college degree for less affluent Americans, Student Loan Funding Corporation Chairman Sherrill Cleland said today.
For the past four years, literally everything we've done throughout our entire company has been driven by our unique Premier Service(R) customer service program in which we put into writing, up front, those things our agents will do to provide the very best service anywhere in the real estate industry.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of Education is seeking nonprofit sponsors and food service management companies to participate in the 1992 Summer Food Service Program.
The At Your Service Program (AYS) operated by Community Work Services (CWS) with its partner the Massachusetts Lodging Association Education Foundation (MLAEF) is designed to address two growing problems in the Boston area - homelessness and lack of qualified workers for Boston's thriving hotel industry.
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