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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee

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The Ministers also discuss the problem of jobseekers in the private and public sectors in the GCC-member states and latest preparations ahead of a seminar on (administrative, fiscal corruption and irregularities in governmental bodies and unification of the efforts of GCC civil service bureaus to curb this phenomenon.
Is SWIFT using AL2 to start replacing the service bureaus it historically encouraged?
For anyone entering into a contract with a microfilm service bureau or a commercial storage vendor, this chapter and its checklist will be a useful guide.
More importantly, many service bureaus haven't fully confronted the challenges of today's dynamic database marketing environment.
ATI) is one of the country's largest RP service bureaus.
In comparison, Xplor user members and service bureaus in 1995 reported that client/server systems, LANs, imaging systems, and mainframe computers were the top future investments.
Ronald Gustafson, Clinkenbeard & Associates, Rockford, Illinois--a 23-employee rapid prototyping service bureau with a full traditional pattern shop--said, "Traditional pattern makers--who are still extremely skilled and knowledgeable--find they are now doing more of the finishing work on patterns.
Many use the fax service bureaus of PR Newswire and Business Wire.
Vienna-based BISS, the largest service bureau in Austria, and Rottenburg-based Heydt-Verlags-GmbH, one of the largest service bureaus in Germany, were among the first to place orders immediately upon seeing the demo.
Beyond expanding their networks of authorized service bureaus, some of the domestic vendors of RP systems have made recent technological improvements to make their systems more flexible, affordable, or closer to the ideal of producing parts that not only look but act like the finished product.
Service bureaus have a wide variety of capabilities.
The acquisition of EUR provides Intec with a center of competence in outsourced billing and business services which, when combined with its existing Carrier Access Billing (CABS) and retail billing service bureaus, will make it one of the leading players in this market.
the first firm to bring the technology to market, has sold over 140 units of its stereolithography apparatus (SLA)--many of them to "Fortune-500" firms that plan to use them for proprietary purposes, and about 30-40 systems to new companies that have set up as service bureaus.
The Certified Partners program is an evaluation system to inform market participants, of which NASDAQ Service Bureaus provide the highest levels of NASDAQ functionality, access and enhancements in a timely fashion.
GMI's clients will now have access to advanced online research software, more global online panels and 24/7 service bureaus that will seamlessly facilitate global market research.