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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee

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A service bureau would cost us 25% to 30% more and it would mean relying on a commercial third party.
The Civil Service Bureau has a central oversight on the affairs of all civilian personnel in the government sector who are under the provisions of the law.
Then, the service bureau made stereolithography (SLA) RP models from the CAD files.
ATI) is one of the country's largest RP service bureaus.
Brauch's technology is available under license or through the Company's service bureau and outsourcing operations.
Austin, (Texas)-based Marketfinders, a market research company, expects publishing applications to contribute more than one quarter of fax broadcasting revenues to fax service bureaus in the U.
By providing free technical support, we are reinforcing our ongoing commitment to actively support and promote the efforts of Corel's channel partners, service bureaus and training centers," said Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation.
A customer can approach a service bureau with anything from a pre-converted stl file to a set of drawings.
We prefer all requests to go through our company," explains marketing specialist Amy Hendrickson, adding that 3D will then recommend the most appropriate service bureau for the job.
which provides a full range of mortgage banking data processing services through service bureau or software licensing arrangements.
And, as the October 1990 issue of Macworld points out, someone at the service bureau should have had a prior life in the printing business.
Businesses throughout the Middle East will now have access to Trendium's award-winning technology inherent in InfraSight, BroadSight and SLA Manager, services that comprise the Trendium Service Bureau.
The Switched Video Service Bureau is for organizations that manage their switched point-to-point service, but like the flexibility to purchase additional functionality when they need it.
For them, working with a service bureau may be a cost-effective alternative.
It's possible that these choices could be made for the user and not by the user, so close communication with the service bureau is important.