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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee

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An official meeting was also held between the Ministry of Civil Service and the Jordanian Civil Service Bureau.
The Ministers also discuss the problem of jobseekers in the private and public sectors in the GCC-member states and latest preparations ahead of a seminar on (administrative, fiscal corruption and irregularities in governmental bodies and unification of the efforts of GCC civil service bureaus to curb this phenomenon.
SWIFT lists 14 service bureaus on its Web site, including such major players as SunGard, Fundtech, Fides and Bottomline Technologies, and estimates that 75% of corporates that connect to SWIFT do so using a service bureau.
Then, the service bureau made stereolithography (SLA) RP models from the CAD files.
Throughout the presentation, the focus was on the small increments of improvement that could be had by placing one's business with this service bureau.
ATI) is one of the country's largest RP service bureaus.
Brauch's technology is available under license or through the Company's service bureau and outsourcing operations.
Austin, (Texas)-based Marketfinders, a market research company, expects publishing applications to contribute more than one quarter of fax broadcasting revenues to fax service bureaus in the U.
If a national enrollment solution were in place, combined with coordination of benefits and the ability to enforce payer of last resort requirements, we estimate this could save between three to five percent, or between $40 - $65 million each year," said Eric Flowers, President and CEO of Public Health Service Bureau.
The Civil Service Bureau has a central oversight on the affairs of all civilian personnel in the government sector who are under the provisions of the law.
A service bureau might have one machine or several machines handling the same process, but many have an assortment of rapid prototyping technologies under one roof.
DTM recently entered into an agreement with Japan's Sumitomo Group, a leading materials supplier that will serve as DTM's Asian service bureau and distributor.
In fact, to successfully chart new territories, you're going to need teamwork as never before, and your most valued comrades will be your service bureau and your printer.
Georgia Farm Bureau had been using a service bureau and an in-house HRIS to handle payroll and workforce management processes, but found that their lack of integration and outdated functionality were creating barriers for process and service improvements.
For them, working with a service bureau may be a cost-effective alternative.