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Etude preliminaire sur le cycle d'intermue et son conditionnement hormonal chez Leander serratus (Pennant).
Gwymon danheddog - Fucus serratus, toothed wrack neu serrated wrack
A full body massage then used the warmed VOYA Angelicus Serratus organic massage oil before a shoulder and neck rub, ending with a gentle massage of the temples.
Trichogrammatidae): possibilites d'utilisation en lutte biologique contre la bruche de l'arachide, Caryedon serratus (Col.
In some states it is legal and legitimate to give a breast massage if needed in a non-sexual, professional way to get at the pectoral chest muscles, the serratus muscles along the ribs, or to break up scar tissue and speed healing after surgery.
79 BC a denarius serratusof Lucius Papus (RRC 384) and in 64 BC a denarius serratus Lucius Roscius Fabatus (RRC 412.
Muscle Rhomboids, middle trapezius (scapular retraction), Groups latissimus dorsi (shoulder extension), serratus anterior (scapular protraction), lower trapezius (scapular depression), biceps (elbow flexion), triceps (elbow extension), forearm muscles (wrist flexion, extension), hand muscles (ball squeeze).
Insect pests inventoried in the storage period were groundnut seed-beetle, Caryedon serratus and a more commonly encountered red-flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum.
Multiple muscles are available for microneurovascular transplantation, including the gracilis, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis, rectus abdominis, rectus femoris, abductor hallicus, extensor carpi radialis brevis, and serratus anterior muscles.
OROV was described in Brazil in 1960, when it was isolated from a sloth (Bradypus tridactylus) captured near a forested area during construction of the Belem-Brasilia highway and from a pool of Ochlerotatus (Ochlerotatus) serratus mosquitoes, captured near the same site (4).
The lateral grooves of the abdomen curved and rose, drawing away from each other, sliding beneath the breasts which they proffered, in a curve which was the curve of some flowering thing; and the three fascicles of the serratus magnus sprang out from beneath it, resplendent, like the rays of a hidden sun.
Glacial refugia and recolonization pathways in the brown seaweed Fucus serratus.
The anti-fungal compounds were found on the surface of Callophycus serratus, a seaweed found in waters off the Fiji islands.