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the condition of being serrated

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a row of notches

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a single notch in a row of notches

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There is a well defined posterobuccal ledge which descends from the most posterior serration, ml The cusp formula is 7:4-5.
Our new products team has tested numerous blade alternatives, and we now have eight different types of serration in our line, each with a different cutting profile," says Chelsea Schlunt, managing director of Kuhn Rikon USA.
He said that conversation serration is underway with different embassies to deport Osama bin Laden family.
Sowing composts have been specially formulated to provide adequate serration, adequate water-holding capacity, a neutral pH, and enough phosphate fertiliser to promote good germination.
Rotary broaches form square, hex, double-hex, spline, serration, and other shapes on all popular machining materials.
It has delicate, compound grayish-green leaves with long, narrow leaflets bearing saw-toothed serration.
New in Wusthof's Classic line are the 8-inch Offset Handle Bread/Deli Knife; a 10-inch wavy serration super slicer; and new mignon-style steak knife sets in metal presentation gift chests.
Tenders are invited for Hss Serration Hob Cutter, Serration Size 1/16 Inch X 90 Degree, Od 3,1/2 Inch, Id 1 Inch With Key Way, Length 4 Inch
The coin will be round with serration on the edge and a diameter of 30 mm weighing 9.
When using soft jaws, there is room to re-skim the jaws before relocating on a new serration position.
He added the ice-crushing blade has been specially built with very deep serration to repel blunting, which often happens to standard blades.
Later, I learned the serration substantially increases the cutting potential by pulling the head up and down and grabbing like a saw blade pulling itself into the cut.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Three Jaw Power Operated Chuck Size 200mm, Model Bhd 210/52 Rpm 4500 With Jaw Serration 1/16 X90 Degree Id No 045749 200mm Bhd-210/52 Make-
Tape should have serration so as to turn it in circular shape in different ratious for fixing on var ious size gasket seating area(serrations shall be with approx.