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Synonyms for serrate

make saw-toothed or jag the edge of

Related Words

notched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex

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Leg segments wrinkled; number of setae on legs as follows: coxae 2-2-1-1, trochanter 1-1 -2-1, femora 4-4-2-1, genua 3- 3-1-1, tibiae 5- 5-3-3, tarsi 9-9-5-5, Dorsal setae of femora I and II broadly serrate, as well as width of the segment.
We had a pretty poor customer service environment, to say the least," Serrate recalls.
Ventral submedian carinae on metasomal segments 1-11 weak to vestigial, smooth; on III-IV weak, smooth basally and finely serrate distally.
Serrate discussed the Parental Notification Bill which included an exemption for cases of rape.
Gardens lap up to the tracks in neat, flower bedecked plots; small fields stripe the valleys with bright green corn, yellow rye, purple flowers; forests darken the slopes and serrate the ridges.