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a medical scientist who specializes in serology

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264) The district court granted summary judgment to the defendants, who included the county, the county's deputy sheriff, and the California Department of Justice serologist who had testified in the case.
By the time the package arrived, it had been contaminated with some kind of oily, greasy substance that soaked through the paper bag containing the pants, said Angela Butler, forensic serologist with the lab.
Sol Haberman, a serologist and bacteriologist (Figure 7).
On an individual level, one of the most notorious cases involved Fred Zain, the chief serologist of the West Virginia State Police Crime Laboratory.
For example, in the true account of a modern murder mystery, a serologist determined that a blood specimen that was submerged for 3 years in salt water was human blood.
In search of an unusual murder weapon for his next mystery, crime writer Jose Guber surfs the Internet for information on African snakes and comes up with the home page of a beautiful, sexy serologist named Melissa.
Eyewitnesses and forensic experts such as the medical examiner, weapons analyst, fiber analyst, and serologist may present their findings and testimony in similar fashion.
Serologist Fred Zain, a West Virginia state trooper and later chief serologist in the Bexar County (Texas) Medical Examiner's office, indicted for perjury for falsifying results used to convict several wrongly imprisoned defendants.
In 1993 an independent team of serologists discovered that, from 1979 until 1989 the head serologist of the West Virginia State Police had "lied about, made up, or manipulated evidence" in at least thirty-six cases.