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of or relating to serology


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The investigation provides documentation of the serological problem and the identification of a blood group variant.
Reliability and precision continues with the CAPP Harmony serological pipettes which are ideal for cell culture and tissue culture labs.
The title of his thesis was "Epidemiological Haematological and Serological Studies of Leptospirosis in Dogs and Humans at High Risk in and Around Lahore City".
However, we found that they are not accurate enough to be useful-after accounting for missed and false-positive TB diagnoses, serological tests cost more and delivered less than either microscopy or culture.
Diagnosis of leptospirosis can be difficult and may involve antigen detection (PCR), serological evaluation, histological examination, culture, and/or dark field microscopy [14].
The topics include lung cancer tumor markers, molecular prognostic and predictive factors in esophageal cancer, predictors of the response of rectal cancer to a neo-adjuvant, emerging tumor markets in endometrial cancer, histological and serological tumor markers and their clinical usefulness in cancer of the ovary, and established and future diagnostic and prognostic markers in prostate cancer.
Providing a cocktail of these antigens in equal concentrations (50-150ng/ml) improved serological antibody detection for solitary cyst infections to 88% but decreased the detection of multi-cyst infections.
When all the serological tests were negative in these cases, the NAT result was positive for Hepatitis B.
Salmonella presence should be confirmed by subculture from the edge of the motility zone onto XLD and Brillliant Green Agar before performing biochemical and serological tests.
The five articles here cover certain aspects of Lyme disease currently under study, including the effects of co-infection with Borrelia Burgdorferi and Anaplasma Phagocytophilum in vector ticks and vertebrate hosts, some epidemiological and epizootological aspects of Lyme Borreliosis in Slovakia with emphasis on serological diagnostics, epidemiology and diagnostics of Lyme Borreliosis in dogs, and a health promotion approach to planning the prevention of Lyme disease.
Serological cross-reactivities between antibodies to simian virus 40, BK virus, JC virus assessed by virus-like-particle-based enzyme immunoassays.
The company says the Cobas AmpliScreen test can detect HBV much earlier than current serological assays which reduces the window period of detection.
It is possible that our noninvasive fibrosis index combined with the biochemical, serological, and virological data will provide sufficient information that liver biopsy could be avoided or postponed in some patients," the investigators wrote.