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of or relating to serology


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We used 3 definitions that would indicate a diagnosis of syphilis: 1) positive DFM results (5); 2) a combination of nontreponemal and/or treponemal tests as recommended by CDC (2) (if possible, samples that had negative results on a first nontreponemal assay underwent a second test to identify seroconversion [6]); and 3) an enhanced definition combining clinical information suggestive of syphilis and results from DFM and serologic testing.
Postvaccination serologic testing (at 1-2 months after the last dose) is recommended for all providers at high risk for occupational exposure to blood or body fluids.
In addition, recent VZV-IgG serologic tests indicated that the antibody titer is still high (1:80 on the basis of 1:10 of a positive criterion).
Ten of the women had serologic testing for toxoplasmosis before delivery.
Serologic response to Bartonella and Afipia antigens in patients with cat scratch disease.
Celiac sprue is definitively diagnosed by small intestinal biopsy, but the serologic test for IgA antibody against tissue transglutaminase is extremely accurate.
Repeat HIV serologic testing showed a positive HIV enzyme immunoassay and a positive Western blot with bands at gp120, gp160, and p24.
The sensitivity of nucleic acid sequence-based amplification compared to standard serologic testing in detecting cytomegalovirus (CMV) may allow earlier treatment of the infection in transplant patients.
Serologic testing has been established as a diagnostic method complementary to PCR, and recommendations by European Union reference laboratories for such assays have been described (13).
Serologic testing to detect antibodies to avian influenza (AI) virus has been an underused tool for the study of these viruses in wild bird populations, which traditionally has relied on virus isolation and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR).
In the current prospective study of patients referred by pulmonologists over an 8-month period to a new multidisciplinary clinic at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, all patients were evaluated by a pulmonologist and a rheumatologist, who took a complete history and physical examination (including capillary microscopy) and reviewed laboratory and serologic data.
All 5 ill workers had serologic evidence of acute histoplasmosis infection, and 3 of the 5 had positive detection for histoplasma antigen in urine collected on 28 August.
Pregnant women who are shown by serologic testing to be susceptible for acquiring genital herpes--those who are HSV seronegative or HSV-1 seropositive--should be cautioned about having unprotected intercourse in the third trimester of pregnancy.
A world leader in the HLA typing market, Pel-Freez Clinical Systems develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive line of molecular and serologic diagnostic kits for bone marrow and solid organ transplantation, disease association, and research.
The HA test manufactured by Corgenix is a less costly serologic marker for liver damage, and may play a significant role in the clinical management of liver disease and cirrhosis.