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Synonyms for sermon

Synonyms for sermon

an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

a moralistic rebuke

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To preach, standing in the pulpit before the people, was always a hardship for him and from Wednesday morning until Saturday evening he thought of nothing but the two sermons that must be preached on Sunday.
With a rush of new deter- mination he worked on his sermons all through the week and forgot, in his zeal to reach the ears and the soul of this new listener, both his embarrassment in the pulpit and the necessity of prayer in the study on Sunday mornings.
From wanting to reach the ears of Kate Swift, and through his sermons to delve into her soul, he began to want also to look again at the figure lying white and quiet in the bed.
Paul Ford's sermon the next Sunday was a veritable bugle-call to the best that was in every man and woman and child that heard it; and its text was one of Pollyanna's shining eight hundred:
Couldn't you get more out of his sermons than out of Mr.
Donald finished his sermon; and an excellent sermon it was, too, in spite of the weather.
Grant, cannot be in the habit of teaching others their duty every week, cannot go to church twice every Sunday, and preach such very good sermons in so good a manner as he does, without being the better for it himself.
I think the man who could often quarrel with Fanny," said Edmund affectionately, "must be beyond the reach of any sermons.
Simple sermons, that went straight to the souls of those who listened, for the father's heart was in the minister's religion, and the frequent falter in the voice gave a double eloquence to the words he spoke or read.
Seeing this did more for Jo than the wisest sermons, the saintliest hymns, the most fervent prayers that any voice could utter.
During his sermon on Friday in Al Qasim, Mohammad Al Harbi highlighted some of the blessings showered on Saudi Arabia and included the long-awaited qualification last week of the Saudi national team.
On the other hand, the minister of religious endowments told members of parliament previously that a unified sermon is not meant to oppress, but rather to lead to "enlightened thinking worldwide".
The aim of this book," the author explains, "is to explore the experience of sermon culture in order to better understand the phenomenon of sermon literature more clearly" (7).
Akae undertakes what he calls a 'vertical approach' to his topic by focusing on a single-author model sermon collection, Novum opus dominicale, written by John Waldeby at the Austin convent at York.
3) Furthermore, Jane Austen says, "A thoroughly good sermon, thoroughly well delivered, is a capital gratification.