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Synonyms for sermon

Synonyms for sermon

an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

a moralistic rebuke

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As he sat in the study of his own house, hard at work on a sermon, he would become ner- vous and begin to walk up and down the room.
Madam," answered the rector, in great perplexity, "this strange occurrence brings to my mind a marriage sermon of the famous Bishop Taylor, wherein he mingles so many thoughts of mortality and future woe, that, to speak somewhat after his own rich style, he seems to hang the bridal chamber in black, and cut the wedding garment out of a coffin pall.
Doubtless the good man has spent many a studious hour in this old chair, either penning a sermon or reading some abstruse book of theology, till midnight came upon him unawares.
You might have put into his mouth the most beautiful things--quite as good as reading a sermon.
But I'm not known here: so I think I'll excuse myself sitting out a sermon.
She and Miss Bartlett are full of the praises of your sermon.
They were Agnes la Herme, Jehanne de la Tarme, Henriette la Gaultière, Gauchère la Violette, all four widows, all four dames of the Chapel Etienne Haudry, who had quitted their house with the permission of their mistress, and in conformity with the statutes of Pierre d'Ailly, in order to come and hear the sermon.
They made no particular impression on him, but it happened that two or three days later, being Sunday, the Canon in residence chose them for the text of his sermon.
rector of Trinity Church, Boston, to preach the Commencement sermon.
Martin's-in-the-Fields, Archbishop Tenison preached the sermon.
It was truly refreshing to hear such a sermon, after being so long accustomed to the dry, prosy discourses of the former curate, and the still less edifying harangues of the rector.
Miles Mirabel preached his farewell sermon, in our temporary chapel upstairs.
SEEING that his audiences were becoming smaller every Sunday, a Minister of the Gospel broke off in the midst of a sermon, descended the pulpit stairs, and walked on his hands down the central aisle of the church.
Now I shall preach you a short sermon, and my text is, 'Little children, love one another.
I can't forget it--and I can't forget what the bad place is like either, ever since Peter preached that sermon on it.