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Synonyms for seriously

Synonyms for seriously

in a serious manner

to a severe or serious degree

References in classic literature ?
He had fallen seriously ill, and his illness precluded his appearance in society, and even at business, for over a month.
One day, however, he and Lizabetha Prokofievna quarrelled seriously about the "woman question," in the course of a lively discussion on that burning subject.
Don't you WANT the world to take you seriously then, Lord Darlington?
I should like YOU to take me very seriously, Lady Windermere, YOU more than any one else in life.
But seriously," said Sir James, whose vexation had not yet spent itself, "don't you think the Rector might do some good by speaking?
He did not seem to notice it, but replied, with equal emphasis, and very seriously -
that very morning, my flickering flame of hope was dismally quenched by a letter from my mother, which spoke so seriously of my father's increasing illness, that I feared there was little or no chance of his recovery; and, close at hand as the holidays were, I almost trembled lest they should come too late for me to meet him in this world.
Evidently her new-found philosophy had tumbled about her ears, for she was seemingly taking herself seriously.
Now, however, when you are nothing but one of the workmen in my manufactory of money, your social position is seriously altered for the worse; and, as I could not possibly think of you for a son-in-law, I have considered it best to prevent all chance of your communicating with Alicia again, by sending her away from this house while you are in it.
Francine followed, held in custody by Miss Plym--who took her responsibilities seriously, and clamored for instruction in the art of chopping parsley.
I hope the confession will not lower me seriously in your good opinion; but I must say I have enjoyed my visit, and, worse still, Miserrimus Dexter really interests me.
It is a calculation the converse of the differential," replied Barbicane seriously.
you will seriously displease me if you do; and I shall leave you immediately, and not come again for months - perhaps years.
I now began to argue very seriously with him, in opposition to this heathenish, or indeed diabolical, principle of the lawfulness of self-murder; and said everything which occurred to me on the subject; but, to my great concern, it seemed to have very little effect on him.
For the first time Reginald Kinsley seemed inclined to discuss the subject seriously.