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a comedy with serious elements or overtones


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claims to avoid taking sides with regard to the serious and the comic readings of the Metamorphoses, since both of them have shortcomings (93), his solution of interpreting the Metamorphoses as a philosophical-rhetorical seriocomedy (98) seems a bit too wholesale itself, downplaying the complexities of both serious and comic readings.
What he cannot do is express the comical aspect of this seriocomedy by duly debunking the false idealism of the two debaters.
Insinuatingly low-key, minimalist Icelandic seriocomedy "Either Way" gets a slightly broader yet perhaps even more satisfying U.
Middling Gallic dysfunctional-family seriocomedy "The Day I Saw Your Heart" is a slick but trite diversion toplining Melanie Laurent as a Parisienne whose hapless lovelife stems from poor parenting on the part of her boorish dad (Michel Blanc).
An ostensible paean to the thesping profession and its wacky, lovable practitioners, this dysfunctional-family/romantic seriocomedy in fact occasions plenty of bad acting, making this an interminable belabor of love that will have trouble finding an audience in any format.
Pleasant seriocomedy "Mariachi Gringo" stars Shawn Ashmore as a depressed young American who finds a new lease on life going south of the border to play traditional Mexican music.
Bringing together slasher horror, delusional-superhero seriocomedy and dysfunctional family-reunion uplift, "Some Guy Who Kills People" has few original elements, but does a neat job pulling familiar ones into one likable low-key stew.
Also from Belgium are Geoffrey Enthoven's "Come as You Are," a seriocomedy about three young special-needs men on a road trip to lose their virginity, and Vincent Lannoo's English-language "Little Glory" about a 19-year-old dropout, played by Canada's Cameron Bright, trying to take care of his younger sister after their parents' death.
A guy in his late 20s faces even odds of beating cancer in "50/50," a title that could also describe the ratio of too-obvious humor to genuinely affecting drama in this uneven seriocomedy.
Three young special-needs men go on a road trip to lose their virginity in Belgian helmer Geoffrey Enthoven's "Come as You Are," a likable if somewhat formulalc-feeling seriocomedy loosely inspired by Asta Philpot, the U.
Patisserie Coin de rue" follows the path of foodie crowd-pleasers from "Babette's Feast" to "Waitress" in mixing mouth-watering culinary displays with accessible seriocomedy.
Indeed, the true dilemma of this misguided seriocomedy lies in the filmmakers' confusion as to whether they're making/t side-splitting bromance (nope) or an unsparing, warts-and-all look at screwed-up relationships (sort of).
As a state-of-the-art ensemble seriocomedy, it's less of a keeper, script and pacing being even-keeled to a fault; the film might have worked as well or better as a series of webisodes.
Loomer has packaged her thoughts, along with a Google glut of research and a full spectrum of conflicting points of view, into a brisk, occasionally clever seriocomedy about one mother's quest to deal with her son's possible ADD (she prefers the old-school acronym to the more cumbersome ADHD).
But its modest surface belies the depths of a lovely seriocomedy that concisely lays bare all kinds of uncomfortable dynamics in seemingly casual, low-key fashion.