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a short line at the end of the main strokes of a character

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There are sketches, collages, paintings, even murals reproduced and printed carefully on large glossy white pages with lots of the white showing - space for a single poetic line set in a large, delicate seriffed type face.
The workstation conditions offered higher quality text than the personal computers: the workstation had a black-on-white image, proportionally spaced and seriffed fonts, and headings in boldface, larger type, or both.
The page size differed by a factor of more than two; the legibility of the workstation text was enhanced by a seriffed font and bold headings; Andrew was more responsive both in beginning to respond to a command and in displaying a page; and Andrew utilized the tangibility of the scrollbar for moving through the document.
We put the capitals in case 1 with the seriffed letters.