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a short line at the end of the main strokes of a character

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recognize the difference between serif and sans-serif type.
Showcased at the Heals SS16 press show and forming part of the Heals window display at its flagship store in London, the Samsung Serif TV spearheads a new concept of TV looking at it as a piece of furniture rather than a technology product.
To examine the role of serifs during normal reading, the fonts under scrutiny should be essentially the same except for the use of serifs--that is, comparing Times New Roman (a serif font) vs.
On the other hand, paid-for papers use classics mastheads in capital letters, with heavy Serif typefaces, black over white backgrounds (the exception is La Vanguardia, which designed the masthead in white over a blue background), and some elegant detail in colour, which are characteristics that give them an image of quality.
The company said that PagePlus X5 is the first Serif product to be localised by WinSoft and it is released in Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish, as well as an International version with an English-language interface.
on the other hand, if the bar is too thick it can merge with the serif or the bowl.
This partnership with Serif is very challenging," Kamel Gaddas, Winsoft International Chief Executive Officer, told Khaleej Times at a Press conference as part of GITEX 2010.
A heavy but generous font with soft serifs, casual curves and a pleasant inclination and no hint of sharpness," say the Pentagram designers.
Serif fonts have smaller contrast so the numbers are more similar to 50, but serif fonts have greater contrast and optical middle.
Writer/editor/designer Riggs (The Society of Typographic Aficionados) presents a reference to using classic serif, sans serif, and display typographical fonts in design projects.
Sans serif fonts, which are starker and bolder, are more commonly used for titles and headlines, while serif fonts can aid legibility and are more commonly used for the body of works.
Each year there are so many newsletters that violate basic rules of readability: the type is too small, the lines are too closely spaced, unleaded sans serif type is used, and the cavalier use of text wraps wars against readability.
For ages, they have been willing to throw down over the merits of serif versus sans-serif typefaces.
Omniture Inc (NasdaqGM: OMTR), a provider of online business optimisation software, on 2 January said that it has been chosen by independent desktop publishing, design and graphics software publisher Serif to help boost traffic to its portal and increase online sales.
Use a sans serif typeface, such as Helvetica, that is not condensed.