serial processing

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sequential processing by two or more processing units

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A serial processing system can be viewed as a kind of crude proxy for aspects of the U.
The result as shown in Table 3 reveals that the increase in number and fragmentation of titles of serials, changes in frequency, abrupt cessation of publication, and provision of incomplete sets, supplements, and special issues are impediments to effective serial processing.
Although serial processing technology is new to enterprise servers, it is not new to the IT industry.
Gold Bump Technologies: A Comparison of Serial Processing (Ball Bumping) and Batch Processing (Plating)"
With serial processing, the FLIR system uses mirrors to scan the orientation of a single IR sensor across a two-dimensional field of view in a raster scan, as shown in Figure 4.
Scientists have long debated the reason for this, with some arguing that the longer processing time indicates serial processing and others believing that it indicates parallel processing.
To further speed work, processing time and throughput, ColorFlow also employs batch scanning, automatic application of preset parameters and batch parameter processing, memory-managed reduced RAM requirements, function batching to eliminate serial processing of high-resolution files, ability to open only a portion of an image, selective color correction, autoranging highlight and shadow settings, three-point press gain control and independent gray balance.
So far, neural networks use conventional computers that employ serial processing technology.