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good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

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They want a better quality of life, and our data shows there is enormous potential in the Northern New Jersey and South Florida markets," said John Arenas, CEO of Serendipity Labs.
8220;We're thrilled to be partnering with Serendipity Literary on this, and we can't wait to see all the great submissions that are sure to come
Speaking of which, here's a word I just learned that's listed right before serendipity in my Oxford American: "serenata, n (ca.
After going through these stories, the researchers have found that serendipity is more than an accident.
EXPERT EYE: Simon Franco examines a piece (PW260712Aantique) * BARGAIN HUNT: Road Trip expert Paul Laidlaw (left) with Simon Franco at Serendipity Antiques.
Chasing serendipity is a counterintuitive proposition for risk managers tasked with reducing uncertainty in their companies.
Mi wnes i gyfarfod Tim Rhys-Evans wrth astudio yng Ngholeg Brenhinol Cerdd a Drama Caerdydd ac yna fe wnes i ymuno --'i g'r Serendipity.
It is true that the "browsing for books" experience is different, but I feel there is an equal degree of serendipity online.
It was serendipity of a sort that befell New Hampshire and our recipient when tonight's recipient of the BIA Lifetime Achievement Award was sent here by the telephone company to head its operations as president for New Hampshire in 1986.
Serendipity, the trading name of Ardrope Ltd, owed pounds 197,000 to more than 150 creditors, the majority of them elderly people who had paid for their books to be published and marketed, liquidators said.
NOTORIOUS vanity publishing outfit Serendipity of Darlington has collapsed.
Webster's definition of serendipity is "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.
What serendipity sent Ron Jobe to the Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable?
HAPPY ACCIDENTS: Serendipity in Modern Medical Breakthroughs MORTON A.