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good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

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The popular BBC1 show paid its second visit in five years to Serendipity Antiques in Bridge Street, Lockwood, run by Simon Franco.
Smith and Bang Bang Serendipity Productions submitted short films "Cut," "Taker," "Her Own Demons," and the rock video "One More Way" for Wild Love Rebellion to over 10 film festivals in 2017, and is scheduled to direct the female-led revenge western "Vengeance Turns" from his screenplay in 2018.
Also, following the transaction, Serendipity Ixora will hold 4,661,519 A-shares corresponding to 15.
Serendipity demands viewers make a considerable leap of faith.
The relationship was cemented at last month's Travel Counsellors conference in Dubai (September 12 to 13, 2017) where Serendipity Tailormade founder Nabeel Shariff was one of 30 suppliers in attendance and met with the travel company's 45 travel professionals and its executive team.
Following her mother's map Serendipity travels West.
Project Serendipity is now being pushed in Sorsogon province and subsequently in the whole Bicol region and the rest of the country.
Marshall Breeding takes the topic head-on in his column about creating serendipity in today's virtual libraries.
Tuesday's mom is secretly famous author Serendipity Smith.
11 June 2014 - US Force Fuels Inc (OTCMKTS:FOFU) on Wednesday said it had taken over domestic Cafe Serendipity Inc, a builder of upscale turnkey franchises to the recreational and medical marijuana sector, for an undisclosed amount.
Hairdressers Serendipity in Harton were quick to take full advantage of the grant available and have since recruited apprentice Shannon Wallace, 19, from South Tyneside College.
When we consider mood disorders, John Cade's discovery of lithium is another example of serendipity and a good measure of clinical judgment involving a handful of patients.
BANKS, Angelica Finding Serendipity Allen & Unwin, 2013 280pp $15.
Serendipity is defined as a chance encounter or accident that leads to a happy - sometimes life-changing conclusion.
Pleasant surprises are also known as serendipity, and that's just what the Serendipity Art Exhibit and Silent Auction offers during this annual event hosted by the Mississippi State Hospital.