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lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

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The college was involved in the serendipitous discovery of sucralose - otherwise known as Splenda - in 1976.
Fluctuations in societal thought can also create serendipitous moments for particular research topics.
We have heard from users that they love the serendipitous discovery part of voice-powered search.
Girl's serendipitous human interactions, with characters ranging from a Salt Lake City housewife to a born-again Christian rocker, remind us that traveling isn't about geography or gas prices--it's about finding strangers, becoming friends, and then leaving them behind.
Serendipitous conjunctions of motion and dialogue--Forti's strong suit--were scarce, however, with characters often roaming the stage in search of such a spark.
Most preplanning events assume a successful or partial attack, however, with little emphasis on serendipitous discovery.
And in addition to his serendipitous interactions with John Kelley, Larry also cites his college years and Boston residency as reasons.
Go with the flow, and enjoy the serendipitous stuff a vacation serves up.
He delights in retelling countless serendipitous discoveries and stories of bringing Dominicans, Guatemalans and other Cubans into the Jewish fold.
Encountering something akin to a naval historical fiction within a novel of mixed genres is simply serendipitous.
Such individual scientific discoveries and applications of the principles of toxicogenomics are resulting in a serendipitous research crossover that will continue to spur insights, leading to faster, broader, and more effective applications for public health.
David Pippenger was focused on his career in film production and screenwriting until his 14-year-old niece gave his 18-year-old son a serendipitous gift in early 2002: a wallet made of duct tape.
In his early twenties when he fell into journalism, the Kenya-born Hartley displayed a serendipitous sense of timing.
Formerly independent inventors had less say in what they would investigate and less room to follow their serendipitous discoveries.
It is the serendipitous presence of such copies among Vatican records favoring Margherita's canoniz ation that inspired and illustrates this study of their significance.