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lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

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Executives who employ their political skill appropriately during the M&A process may have a role in influencing the relationship between M&A events and the resultant serendipitous value creation process.
It seems as if every professor, particularly those in the humanities, has a story of serendipitous discovery by browsing in the stacks.
In order to position themselves as authoritative sources for information and take advantage of this serendipitous phenomenon, media outlets "need to develop better strategies to reach other groups of news readers not only focusing on avid news readership," observes Yadamsuren.
The serendipitous discovery is described in an article published in the online journal PLoS One.
People love the serendipitous discovery of new friendships; technology is now able to bring community retail back to its roots and to beat the supermarkets at human contact.
It assumes that opportunities form based on either deliberate search or serendipitous discovery.
Most word mavens, including fans of the OED, have taken to online habits these days, but there's nothing like the serendipitous pleasure of reading the OED - usually with magnifying glass in hand - and happening upon unfamiliar and delightful words.
A "library" area, with original maquettes, brief videos, and ephemera Soth has collected on his journeys, offers insight into the photographer's serendipitous practice, and the catalogue includes a fortyeight-page artist's book, The Loneliest Man in Missouri.
This paper explores how a jazz analogy can be useful when analysing classrooms in which serendipitous events were exploited and performances were improvised.
Given the amount of time Kiwis have to spend on planes to get anywhere, you'd think we'd be world masters at serendipitous chats.
AS almost always, Tom Slemen's celebrated contributions to your columns suggest serendipitous, if slightly skew-whiff, supplementary sentiments (ECHO, November 28).
Such serendipitous stumbles are now being commemorated in the government's Science: So What?
The search is finally resolved in one of those serendipitous moments which life often throws up.
I threw it in my bug-out bag and had a chance to read it on the flight With me on the trip were Pakistani and several Afghan officers; reading your editorial article about "A Timeless Bond," I couldn't help but think how serendipitous it was.
This paper relates several serendipitous discoveries in physics in the 19th and 20th centuries.