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Synonyms for sere

having little or no liquid or moisture

Synonyms for sere

(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture

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But becoming an Airman, a SERE specialist, an officer and a navigator wasn't enough--she wanted to join the elite Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).
Like the Sere Wind Farm, it was built well within time, within budget and is already contributing to the national grid.
Because the psychological stresses experienced by undercover officers are closely related to those experienced by combat soldiers, (212) undercover candidates should be evaluated similarly to soldiers in the successful SERE program.
The protesters insisted that Serem Sere and the retired army General Kouame Lougue had come to the station to make some declarations.
Lieutenant Jamie Strange, JPR Subject Matter Expert, Defence SERE Training Organisation, RAF St.
Those concepts are further explained in ARPR 202: Commanders and Staff Responsibilities and in SERE training.
And the new Leon, perhaps the most hotly anticipated of the series to date, will be available to drive at the SERE Leon Test Drive Weekend.
SERE is actually an advanced code-of-conduct course.
They also have to endure parachute jumps, cold weather training, combat swimmer training and SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training).
The shortlist is: Roy Tolley (Citroen), Colchester; Crescent Motoring Services (Independent), Burton upon Trent; Paul Robbie Motor Services (Independent), Hexham; ABP Motorsport (Independent), Crewe; SERE SEAT (SEAT), Lisburn, N.
Stateowned energy utility Eskom is expected to start a selection process in the next two months that will eventually allocate some 1GW of renewable energy projects intended to be built by 2013 and is expending $260m for a 100MW wind farm in Sere and a 100MW concentrated solar power project in Uppington.
The two pilot projects include a 100 MW wind power project in Sere and a 100 MW concentrated solar power project in Upington.
that scatter pieties to the sere corners of his temple.
The author has created a unique encyclopaedic anthology worthy of outspoken praise, and one that is soon to become a dog-eared copy gracing the libraries of Sere schools, special operations units, military navigation and camouflage training commands and any other units who dare to teach or learn the tricks of 'how not to be seen'.
Beckham, currently on loan at Italian Sere A giants AC Milan from LA Galaxy, however was just happy to pick up his record and then look to his next game - the visit of Ukraine to Wembley on Wednesday.