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Synonyms for sere

having little or no liquid or moisture

Synonyms for sere

(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture

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Where other car dealers are experiencing branch closures, staff redundancies and severe cutbacks SERE is launching its huge new site on the Boucher Road this week.
But SERE have soared above with their focus on customer care, keen pricing and cutting-edge marketing.
Commenting on the new partnership, Lance Bradley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said: "I'm delighted to welcome SERE to the Mitsubishi family at this exciting time.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of protesters invaded Burkina Faso's public television station in Ouagadougou to allow opposition member Saran Serem Sere to declare herself as the transition president.
Basically, we give them skills and tools they can use to build shelters, forage their own food and water and evade capture," said Senior Airman Joseph Collett, a SERE specialist.
The goal of this process is to return isolated personnel to duty with physical and emotional fitness while conducting intelligence and SERE debriefs.
Yet like a subterranean current, there are connections: Judas, too, as he lay dying could have predicted "Volvere y sere millones.
The loan will help Eskom fund two power projects: a 100MW concentrated solar power plant at Upington and the 100MW Sere wind farm near Koekenaap in the Western Cape.
SERE is actually an advanced code-of-conduct course.
The Shrike and Mini SERE 2000 are among their most popular models.
The shortlist is: Roy Tolley (Citroen), Colchester; Crescent Motoring Services (Independent), Burton upon Trent; Paul Robbie Motor Services (Independent), Hexham; ABP Motorsport (Independent), Crewe; SERE SEAT (SEAT), Lisburn, N.
Stateowned energy utility Eskom is expected to start a selection process in the next two months that will eventually allocate some 1GW of renewable energy projects intended to be built by 2013 and is expending $260m for a 100MW wind farm in Sere and a 100MW concentrated solar power project in Uppington.
that scatter pieties to the sere corners of his temple.
El presente articulo (1) intenta contribuir al estudio de la dimension espacial de las practicas de resignificacion de los lugares que funcionaron como Centros Clandestinos de Detencion en la ultima dictadura militar en la Argentina, haciendo foco en el Proyecto Mansion Sere, sitio en el que funciono el ex Centro Clandestino Atila, entre los anos 1977 y 1978, a cargo de la Fuerza Aerea.
Livestock are a lifeline for hundreds of millions of people, for whom livestock represent one of few options available to improve their incomes and nutrition," said Carlos Sere, director general of ILRI.