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an angel of the first order

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The Indians failed to get into the end zone on a 14-play, 76-yard drive that could have cut into a 21-12 Seraphs lead.
The speed with which the seraph touches those lips with a coal indicates the readiness of God to remove our guilt and make us ready for God's service.
The Silver Seraph, which commemorates the plant's proud 97-year history, marks the end of an era.
Rolls-Royce yesterday released details of the last Silver Seraph to be built at the luxury carmakers' Crewe plant.
Saturday, when the top-seeded Seraphs (12-1) face the second-seeded Indians (12-0-1) at Home Depot Center in Carson to decide the Northern Division championship?
The Seraphs, who finished their season 10-2, had big, athletic players on defense and a special running back, but turnovers proved to be the difference.
The Indians would host the Seraphs (9-1) as determined by a coin flip Sunday.
IV champion Seraphs entered Ventura High this week with chips on their shoulders after an unprecedented 46-point blowout loss to the Daily News' top-ranked team, Oaks Christian of Westlake Village.
Tyler's 73-yard second-quarter touchdown run, in which he made five Seraphs miss on his way to the end zone, was one of the great plays of his senior season, if not his career.
Maybe it was Sean Wiser's 35-yard over-the-shoulder catch along the right sideline, hauling in Jimmy Clausen's pass with a Seraphs defender draped on his back.
Five to six years ago, the Seraphs were the hotshot small, religious private school in the Ventura County area that no one wanted to play.
Bonaventure (3-0) surrendered 14 points to Canyon of Canyon Country on Friday, which was more than twice the amount the Seraphs had allowed in their first two games combined.
Six plays later, the Seraphs made it sting as sophomore Patrick Hall scampered in from 11 yards out early in the fourth quarter, and St.
The Seraphs follow with a game against fellow national power Oaks Christian of Westlake Village on Sept.
It's was the sixth section title in seven seasons for the Seraphs (14-0), who extend their winning streak to 24 games and played every bit like a team ranked two in the state.