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an angel of the first order

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Seraphim Space Fund is a new venture capital fund launched by Seraphim Capital.
In the 19th century, the figure of St Seraphim of Sarov shines brightly, a true seraph, a flame of fire in the dark and cold, as Julia de Beausobre has described him.
Pierce Brosnan (left and above with Liam Neeson), leaves his James Bond image behind to star in the Western Seraphim Falls (15).
For Seraphim Falls, Pierce Brosnan became a grizzly, whiskered, character being pursued by Neeson across a wild landscape just after the American Civil War.
ABA Corporate Finance will use a combination of funds, such as Seraphim, and angel investors to seek finance for small or early stage businesses.
Bob Barnsley, ABA investment director, said: "We have no doubts that the Seraphim Fund will boost investment in fast-growing businesses in the UK.
The star who's also filming Seraphim Falls is preparing for three other projects - a comedy called Instant Karma, romantic thriller The Topkapi Affair, in which he plays Thomas Crown for the second time in his career, and the action thriller Mexicali.
Jovi to settle the land dispute between Seraphim and the Valens spouses since both were relatives and distant kin of Atty.
Seraphim Capital, a London-based venture capital fund manager, launched a fund focused on early stage space-related technology businesses.
This is the story of fraternal twins, Breanna and Kale, who are training to be Seraphim, aerial fighters who have elemental affinities and use these skills in defence of their homelands.
Seraphim will release "The Obama Generation" Christmas 2014.
Molly Woods (Halle Berry) had to go on a journey back to space to prevent the Seraphim from reaching the world.
It probably doesn't help to note that the term seraphim, depicting a particular order of angel, comes from the same Hebrew root as seraph.
He has collected 9 votes, while 3 votes have been cast for Melnik Bishop Seraphim.