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of or relating to an angel of the first order


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The designer piety of Bill Viola's "spiritual" videos could be the model for this episode--Viola and Malick share a weakness for representing candlelight as numinous illumination and bodies plunging into water as signifiers of death and rebirth--or for the flashback recounting the passing of Private Witt's mother in The Thin Red Line: In slow motion, the expiring woman reaches out to a little girl dressed in whitest lace and seraphically backlit by sunshine, as a harp on the sound track gentles the mother toward Elysium and immortality.
chiffon, seraphically shabby hotel rooms, ruinous taxi rides, Puerto
As the incense rises into the room above, Felicite breathes in the vapors "with a mystical sensuous fervour," smiles seraphically, and, as the welcoming clouds part to receive her, believes that she sees a huge Loulou gliding over her: "she thought she could see, in the opening heavens, a gigantic parrot hovering above her head" (225/56).
The exhibition," accompanied by an assemble-it* yourself catalogue, was seraphically poised on the convergence point of art, concept, design, architecture, romance, and real estate - Viva Los Angeles