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Synonyms for seraphic

of or relating to an angel of the first order


having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub

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But far within And in thir own dimensions like themselves The great Seraphic Lords and Cherubim In close recess and secret conclave sat A thousand Demy-Gods on golden seat's, Frequent and full.
Nevertheless, in the Seraphic creature with the haymaking rake, were clearly to be discerned the rudiments of the Patriarch with the list shoes.
Then, Mr Brass left off writing entirely, and, with his pen in his hand, hummed his very loudest; shaking his head meanwhile from side to side, like a man whose whole soul was in the music, and smiling in a manner quite seraphic.
Mr Brass remained airing himself at the fire, and resumed his vocal exercise, and his seraphic smile, simultaneously.
Other highlights of the 2015--2016 holiday season include productions of "The Nutcracker" presented by Miami City Ballet in Palm Beach County; a candlelight concert of a capella carols, chants, and contemporary holiday music by Florida's critically-acclaimed vocal ensemble, Seraphic Fire; the Peace Tree at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens; holiday boat parades; an array of holiday concerts; and Downtown West Palm Beach's breathtaking 35-foot holiday tree made with 600 tons of sand.
He hazards in the sixth dialogue that "It is, perhaps, rather a poetical than a philosophical idea, yet I cannot help forming the opinion, that genii or seraphic intelligences may inhabit these systems, and may be the ministers of the eternal mind, in producing changes in them similar to those which have taken place on earth" (Davy 382).
the fresh young voices here adding to the seraphic pathos of the work (Helen Cooper singing a wonderful Pie Jesu - with such telling lower notes - alongside Saint in the organ-gallery).
3] Foaut book of buildings words of the Arabs happy the seraphic father, 2000.
The contract relates to the granting of the bar-cafeteria at the premises of the Lazio Region, located in Via del Seraphic 121 - Rome, reserved for employees of the Lazio region, with a potential user base of 250 people.
16) Maurizio Viano observes: "Mannerist painters often agreed to paint religious subjects, but their angels had blackish wings and estranged faces, revealing not seraphic bliss but rather doubt and torment" (107).
LAST week's winner is Margaret Railton, from Kilmarnock YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Avenger 9 Elder 10 Tiara 11 Frantic 12 Lei 13 Freehold 16 Anarchic 17 Ski 19 Banshee 21 Creel 22 Talon 23 Tsarina DOWN: 1 Castile 2 Relation 3 Agra 4 Seraphic 5 Edit 6 Crack 8 Refreshment 13 Forehand 14 Listeria 15William 18 Abate 20 Null 21 Chad QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Mass meeting 8 Car 9 Ear 11 Origami 12 Koala 13 Led 14 Tap 15 Boredom 17 Cos 19 Owed 21 Acts 23 Kiwi 25 Pogo 27 Tom 29 Observe 31 Rat 34 Pen 36 Knelt 37 Red meat 38 Ate 39 Ash 40 In the saddle DOWN: 1 Mare 2 Arid 3 Seaport 4 Exiled 5 Tokyo 6 Neat 7 Gala 8 Colic 10 Rapid 16Mow 18 Sag 20Wit 22 Coo 24 Invaded 25 Parka 26 Debris 28 Month 30 Bitch 32 Anti 33 Teen 34 Peal 35 Ease
These serpents seem more seraphic than snakelike, for they act as emissaries of divine judgment.
Even better was the moment afterwards when the free Unsullied stay with the Khaleesi, stamping their spears in adulation of their seraphic leader.
Don Goergen OP; June 23-29, Jesus--Through a 21st Century Lens, Michael Morwood; June 30-July 6, Seraphic Love: The Franciscan Way, Ramona Miller OSF; Oct.
In footnote 10, the Court recited: "[Hofstadter and Metzger] refer to some of Darwin's opponents as 'exhibiting a kind of phylogenetic snobbery [which led them] to think that Darwin had libeled the [human] race by discovering simian rather than seraphic ancestors.