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Synonyms for sequestered

providing privacy or seclusion

kept separate and secluded

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Procedures were launched for sequestering all vehicles with numbers between 004 and 014 and if the problem was not solved within a day or two, more vehicles would be sequestered," the paper said.
iii) Developing a two-pronged Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system to report accurately and accountably for carbon sequestered.
But the carbon hasn't been sequestered until, after decomposition, it becomes attached to soil mineral particles.
4 million that Congress approved in late September - unlike this year when the county's share was sequestered and automatically reduced by nearly 5 percent.
The judge presiding over George Zimmerman's trial announced Thursday that the jurors and alternates will be sequestered for the duration.
If ecologists can get a better handle on what these impacts are, there might be opportunities for win-win conservation scenarios, whereby animal species are protected or enhanced, and carbon gets sequestered," he said.
Biochar is a highly stable form of sequestered carbon with multiple uses in agriculture and industry.
The report also estimates the NHS ROW has approximately 91 million metric tons (MMT) of carbon currently sequestered in vegetation and currently is sequestering approximately 3.
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Third Assessment Report, over the next 50 years approximately 100 billion metric tons of carbon could be sequestered through forest preservation, tree planting and improved agricultural management, offsetting 10% to 20% of the world's projected fossil fuel emissions.
Summary: New York - The American NGO "Teach the Children International" has accused the Polisario mercenaries of embezzling humanitarian aid destined for sahrawis sequestered in Tindouf camps (South-East Algeria).
crop residues and comparing that to how much carbon could be sequestered, Strand said that the process would be 92 percent efficient.
Adult days at home are a measure of the effect of the mitigation strategy and are counted as number of days adults are either sick at home, taking care of children, or sequestered themselves.
An ABC game is also hidden in the pictures, in the form of a hidden letter shape--starting with an A on the first page and a Z on the last, as well as something sequestered within that page that starts with the appropriate letter.
EXILE ON MAIN STREET: A SEASON IN HELL WITH THE ROLLING STONES uses one of the rock group's most famous albums as its foundation to probe the evolution of a band which created its own exile milieu, spending its days drinking and taking drugs and its nights sequestered in a home recording studio.
Her head shaved, and sequestered against her will in an austere hostel near the banks of the Ganges, irrepressible Chuyia sets about upending the iron rule of the ashram's grotesque matriarch Madhumati (Manorma).