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in a consecutive manner


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US/Canada Specialty Phosphates sales of $147 million increased 6% sequentially, but were down 3% compared to the prior year quarter on lower selling prices.
5 million, up 78 percent compared sequentially with USD3.
8 per cent sequentially, driven primarily by international loan growth.
9% sequentially in the month, slightly higher than market expectation, while revenue of Nan Ya Plastics dropped 9.
A I-sequentially continuous image of any sequentially compact subset of X is sequentially compact.
Revenue from sale of supplies and commercial hardware also climbed both on YOY basis as well as sequentially.
Weight reduction--A sequentially co-extruded carrier profile weighs approximately 97 kg less per 1,000 meters than a conventional clamp profile (metal carrier covered with EPDM).
These researchers mainly address our comparison of the transmission efficiency between simultaneously feeding ticks with that between ticks feeding sequentially on a persistently infected rodent.
Sales were driven by new product revenues, which amounted to 33% of overall sales and grew 37% sequentially and over 200% year-over-year.
Bancorp also reported a decrease in provision for credit losses, both sequentially and year over year with both net charge-offs and nonperforming assets revealing a declining trend.
StarWorld Macau's Adjusted EBITDA decreased 44% year-on-year and 6% sequentially to $605 million.
NYSE: VG) reported its third quarter 2014 adjusted EBITDA was USD30 million, up USD1 million sequentially and up USD7 million from USD23 million in the year ago quarter.
LED Products revenue is expected to decline 20% year over year and 13% sequentially to $174 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2015 due to weaker global demand than originally targeted.
256 billion in the third quarter, up 140% sequentially and 57% year-on-year, with after-tax net profit per share reaching NT$2.
5% sequentially, compared to sequential growth of 60.