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Synonyms for sequential

following one after another in an orderly pattern

Synonyms for sequential

in regular succession without gaps

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Such a focus on the importance of context in terms of the sequentiality of the utterances and their relation to their environment is in line with the deliberations in the Introduction section of this paper where the concepts of heteroglossia in dialogue and the methodological assumptions of CA were outlined.
2014), concerned with the nature of data, audiovisual records, thorough and detailed transcription, "line by line" description (in reference to the way transcriptions are presented, but also the dynamics of sequentiality of interaction), and the temporality of the actions.
Our culture is being accelerated to the point of breakdown by various electronic extensions of our central nervous system and by the vast memory and very fast analytic sequentiality of the computer, a medium which represents the extreme phase of the development of a logical, left-hemispheric corporate mentality.
The history of Catullus' reception proves that the collection as a whole resists being read as a cohesive narrative which includes the hallmarks of traditional definitions of narrativity: event sequentiality, intelligible chronology, teleology of plot and character.
The nature of the genre of the sonnet sequence reflects this divergence; it is a genre at once lyric, recording the quality of a moment and attempting to preserve it, and suggesting narrative in its sequentiality.
The recent experimental literature about leading-by-example, based on the linear public good games, provides mixed evidence about the effect of sequentiality on the level of group contributions.
However, the caveat as expressed in Harvey (1990) is that causality is too strong a word, and thus Granger causality should be limited to the narrow concept of sequentiality and predictability.
The critique of outmoded temporal frameworks is reflected in many recent projects to use new spatial forms of organization as opposed to the traditional narrative sequentiality that informed literary history in its classical period.
This brought about a transition from the recognition of temporal sequentiality to the abstract measurement of time which is integral to historical investigation of the past and, in our present discussion, to the conception of the Motu-Koita past as pre-history.
This time series analysis can reveal both, the development of media attention as well as of government attention over time, and the sequentiality and synchronicity of the two (which will be illustrated in section 3.
The second volume, Renfrew Rides Again, begins with a foreword that highlights this series' complex relationship between experience and narrative, sequentiality and sentimentality:
Not only the temporal duality is maintained throughout in Daisy Miller but also the sequentiality in terms of the cause and effect chain that helps to interconnect events and fill in the gaps and cruxes in a logical manner.
The main section of the article will then focus on the first of the three aspects mentioned, the modelling of poetic sequentiality, i.
Wordsworth's 'two-consciousnesses' can then be seen as a division, not simply between me-now and me-then, but between discursive time and narrative time--a radical discontinuity which ruptures the illusion of sequentiality and insists, embarrassingly, on self-presence and voice; insists too that invocation itself may be more important than what is invoked.