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(chemistry) an apparatus that can determine the sequence of monomers in a polymer

computer hardware that sorts data or programs into a predetermined sequence

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or purchases) support and maintenance service of the sequencers and cbot instruments of the genomics unit of the genomic regulation center (crg) and of the sequencing unit of the national genomic analysis center (cnag-crg) and of leasing without option to purchase a sequencer, According to the specifications that are detailed in the technical prescriptions pliego.
The sequencer used in the lighting system of a giant lantern has the same function as that of the rotor in creating a sequence or play of lights.
The MinION sequencer, which is about half the size of a smartphone, operates fundamentally differently from current DNA sequencers, said Sarah Wallace, a microbiologist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Johnson Space Center in Houston.
The Waters Equipment Multi-Stream Sequencer, with its rugged design and IP 65 enclosure, is designed specifically for use in power plants and offers features that are not normally available in other commercially available sequencers, such as accommodating up to eight incoming sample streams and up to four analyzers in both continuous and batch mode.
Then, the dripper (5) of the second sequencer fills the timer reservoir (20) to the level corresponding to the selected time, when the float ball rod pushes the lever and TW plunger is shifted to the position 2.
Current large and small sequencers are described as well as companies developing them.
Unamplified Cap Analysis of Gene Expression on a single molecule sequencer.
The genetic analysis market, using next-generation sequencer, is currently valued at USD1bn and is expected to reach USD4bn in 2015, PSS said.
Since the first genome sequencer was installed in March this year, inqaba biotec had sequenced the genome of a plant pathogenic bacterium and at the time of writing had mycoplasma, thermophilic bacterial and a viral (veterinary) genome lined up.
The Genome Sequencer 20 System and related products are sold worldwide by Roche Applied Science, a business unit of Roche Diagnostics.
Branford, CT 7/27/06 -- CuraGen, the 66% owner of 454 Life Sciences, which makes the Genome Sequencer 20 DNA sequencer distributed by Roche Applied Sciences (see IBO 9/15/05), announced that it has engaged Goldman Sachs to examine strategic options for its investment in 454.
However, a practical gene sequencer must handle molecules hundreds of bases in length, he notes.
This can result in a small load index and means that the sequencer has to wait for the main header pressure to change before reacting.
Manufactured to meet the industry's most exacting standards or playability and affordability, this 3'5" gloss black piano features sixty-four-note polyphony, three track sequencer, digital reverb and chorus effects, and a balanced advanced hammer action keybed.
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