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Synonyms for sequence

Synonyms for sequence

Synonyms for sequence

serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern

film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie

the action of following in order

several repetitions of a melodic phrase in different keys

Related Words

arrange in a sequence

determine the order of constituents in

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Our new system for rapid determination of viral RNA sequence (RDV) uses whole-genome amplification and direct sequencing techniques (Figure 1).
A final reason could be the coexistence of topics referring to the course and topics referring of leisure in the same sequence.
Changes, or mutations, in the human prodynorphin regulatory sequence must have enhanced survival over other primate species, the investigators contend, while the geographic differences that they found may have bestowed as yet unknown advantages on specific human populations.
A total of 371 genes have been scanned, and on average, approximately 53% of the genomic sequence for each gene has been examined for variation across the 90 PDR samples.
So, Sequence Stratigraphy of Clastic Systems does provide encyclopaedic, in-depth and unbiased coverage of all current ideas and models in the field, and I commend the author for this effort.
Renowned in the life science community for its accuracy and high quality data in the analysis of genetic variability and DNA sequences, Pyrosequencing is now being developed for the application area of whole genome sequencing," said Erik Wallden, CEO of Pyrosequencing.
Finally, the maternal inheritance of mtDNA can prove advantageous in cases involving missing persons, even though this fact also makes it less discriminating than nuclear DNA because any person who is a member of the same maternal lineage will have the same mtDNA sequence.
In sequence three, the sprue is first, followed by the petroleum coke and SiC.
The specificity of the amplicons was ensured by complete similarity of experimental sequences with that of the Y.
The sequence was published in the 1 April 2004 issue of Nature, along with more than 30 papers analyzing the results relative m the human and mouse genomes published simultaneously in the April 2004 issue of Genome Research.
Sequence analysis of the outer membrane protein A (ompA) gene is the most accurate method for identifying all known genotypes (1).
The ISC site also contains a listing of links to other resources categorized under the headings of microbial websites, genome browsers, trace archives, and other genome-related sites including other public databases where DNA sequence data are deposited.
Biologists have now taken a step toward understanding that diversity by conducting a limited, but relatively quick and inexpensive, scan of one dog's full DNA sequence, or genome.