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having seven units or components

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Figure2 illustrates reality QMs gapin IDMW according to The Septuple scale checklists.
For example, Ebenezer Prout had written in the 1890s that quintuple and septuple time 'are really irregular compound times, the former being a combination of alternate bars of triple and duple, and the latter of triple and quadruple time.
Ragsdale made it his mission to complete a week long septuple Ironman Triathlon across the seven Emirates to mark the UAE's 40th anniversary in the same year he turned 40.
Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry 160) ("La peau de la vache noire est tendue, / Tendue sans etre mise a secher, / Tendue dans l'ombre septuple.
could more than septuple its waste-produced energy to 21,000 megawatts of electricity per year.
El primero es el tratamiento que a lo largo de su libro va dando Hosle al "Dialogo a septuple parte (colloquium heptaplomeres)" de Jean Bodin o Juan Bodino.
El dominio digital multiplica las dimensiones coreograficas de la produccion afectiva de modo que nos encontramos a menudo con interfaces multiples, un paradigma en este sentido es el videojuego, donde tenemos un septuple cuerpo: el del jugador, el de la arquitecturas ergonomicas, el de la interfaz fisica (joystick, wii), el de la interfaz audiovisual, el de los personajes virtuales, el de la camara virtual y el avatar y el de las arquitecturas virtuales.
Sobre el recurso literario llamado "repeticion septenaria" o septuple, vease Milgrom, Numbers XXI; Tamarkin Reis, 218.
Welshman Stuart Manley took 10 and then German Marcel Siem had two penalty drops in a septuple bogey 12.
In Manhattan, Amas Musical Theatre presented its Rosie Award to veteran dancer, choreographer and actress Carmen DeLavallade and her husband, septuple threat Geoffrey Holder (a dancer, choreographer, actor and cookbook author, he also has two Tonys and a Guggenheim Fellowship under his belt for directing, costuming and painting).
And she will not preserve relics of our sojourn, carefully wrapped in septuple coverings of silk, and packed away in dainty whitewood boxes, because we had no new lesson of beauty to teach her--nothing by which to appeal to her emotions.
Palmer's misfortune - accomplished with four out-of-bounds shots, then a shot over the green on the par-5 ninth hole - retains a high profile at Rancho, thanks to a plaque commemorating his septuple bogey.
Le match sera precede de la finale dames qui mettra aux prises le CF Carthage, double tenant du titre, et le CS Sfaxien, septuple detenteur du trophee.
beaucoup moins que] L'epreuve a desormais le soutien politique tres fort des presidents des trois pays traverses [beaucoup plus grand que], assure Vladimir Chagin, directeur du Silk Way et septuple vainqueur du Dakar camions, en reference aux presidents russe Vladimir Poutine, chinois Xi Jinping et kazakhstanais Noursoultan Nazarbaiev.
Les 16es de finale de la Coupe du Trone de football (saison 2012-2013) prevus ce week-end seront marques par une rencontre qui s'annonce facile pour le Raja Casablanca, tenant du titre et septuple vainqueur de l'epreuve, face a la Renaissance de Settat (RSS), sacree en 1969.