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Synonyms for septet

the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one

seven performers or singers who perform together

a set of seven similar things considered as a unit


Related Words

seven people considered as a unit

a musical composition written for seven performers

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It was recorded in sessions with Wynton's [now all-star] septet lineups of 1993-94 (see below), with whom he had toured "all over the world.
Yet, with the help of computer programs, their compositions for the septet were seamless, mature and perfectly emphasized by an intelligent song selection, which included several more reflective numbers such as "Shim al-Yasmine.
And he was expecting to get the go-ahead from the BSPA today to include him in his septet for tomorrow night's PL fixture at South Tees Motorsports Park.
Awarded by the French Academy of Jazz with the prize "Django Reinhart" of Best French Musician of the year, as well as the prize of Best French Album of the year for his album Windmills Chronicles in 2009, Guillaume continues to perform with the Paris-Jazz Big-Band, Pierre de Bethmann "Ilium" Septet, Herve Sellin Tentet and the quartet he formed with Peter Erskine, Nguyen Le and Michel Benita.
THIS quirky but industrious septet in die band from Cardiff released two albums in just eight months and have secured a devoted live following.
His own writing for his septet is its greatest asset, but Fletcher's own considered and richly varied improvisations (he can do cool, but he can also do intense) are also a chief joy.
Compositions should be an original, previously unpublished work for brass septet (2221) 2 trumpets (cornets, flugelhorns), 2 horns (in F), 2 trombones (bass clef) and tuba.
In total the Brummies claimed 12 of the 15 race winners, with only Aidan Collins of the Birmingham septet failing to record a win.
The charm of Pensando en ti catches the listener immediately: Davidson's septet (which includes drummer Ignacio Berroa, an acknowledged master of the bolero) plays expertly and with evident delight, accentuating the romantic throb of these rhythms and tastefully subordinating solos in the service of the melodies.
95); a dozen best-of CDs (including a four-CD companion to the book); the public radio documentary ``The House That Trane Built'' (based on the book); and a tour by the McCoy Tyner Septet, led by Coltrane's legendary pianist.
The opening septet amply displays this zany penchant for extravagant perspicacity.
The minimalization and persistent interruption of the images permitted us to see the screen as an object, trembling with projected light, under the night sky as the moon rose and set, and as the septet of Ursa Major, under which the screen stood, imperceptibly swung a giant arc.
A canon has been firmed up, and Jutra, Donald Shebib, Denys Arcand (who has three in the Top 10), Atom Egoyan (who has three in the Top 20), David Cronenberg, Michel Brault and Francis Mankiewicz constitute a septet of our finest celluloid masters.
Along the lakeshore Nouvel has choreographed series of structures and events -- a pavilion made from tree trunks, a giant theatre tent, gravel mountains and a septet of vaulted chapels containing installations by artists meditating on universal spiritual themes, The decaying hulk of the Mesoscaphe, the world's first tourist submarine which that was one of the main attractions of the 1964 Expo in Lausanne, completes the surreal assemblage.
A talented septet of NIEHS interns from undergraduate and graduate programs in the U.