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a white clayey mineral


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Determination of adsorptive properties of a Turkish sepiolite for removal of reactive blue 15 anionic dye from aqueous solutions.
Poly (lactic acid) (PLA) based nanocomposites prepared by adding 5wt% filler content of organically modified montmorillonite (CLO) and unmodified sepiolite (SEP) were obtained by melt blending procedure.
Effet de l'inclusion de 2% de Sepiolite "EXAL" clans les aliments a deux niveaux energetiques presentes en granules pour porcelets et porcs charcuters.
Nutrient digestibilities were also increased by supplementation with the sepiolite, a clay with similar physical properties to attapulgite (Ouhida et al.
7] studied the removal of Acid Yellow 49 from aqeous solution by adsorption on sepiolite (a clay mineral).
Removal of anionic contaminants using surfactant-modified palygorskite and sepiolite.
2+] to produce magnesian calcite, or its precipitation with carbonate or silicate to produce, respectively, hydromagnesite and nesquehonite or sepiolite (Suarez 2005).
The pipe pictured here, for which you might need your tampers, is made of carved meerschaum - a word that translates literally as 'sea foam', although the mineral concerned is actually a magnesium silicate called sepiolite.
2005, "Lead removal in fixed-bed columns by zeolite and sepiolite," Chemosphere, 52, pp.
Suzuki (2001) developed an adsorbent material for formaldehyde removal using sepiolite, a sort of clay mineral, impregnated with amino acid.
Sorption-desorption of cadmium in aqueous palygorskite, sepiolite, and calcite suspensions: isotherm hysteresis.
1999) found that the maximum sorption capacity of clays including sepiolite, palygorskite, and bentonite for [Cd.
On the basis of the results obtained by the laboratories, one deposit was selected from each zone, the Cortijo de Archidona at Cabo de Gata, made up mainly of montmorillonite type smectites, and the Cerro del Aguila-Cerro del Monte deposit in the Tertiary Basin of Madrid, which is fundamentally constituted of saponite, accompanied by varying proportions of illite and sepiolite.