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an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to separate particles from a suspension

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Dreamweaver is among several companies who are launching inherently stable separators which can withstand temperatures up to 300[degrees]C and even higher.
Evaluations are conducted at different engine load/speed combinations, two different lubricating oil formulations, and three different oil separator technologies.
The Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator is one part of a metal separation process where overband magnets, drum magnets and magnetic pulleys remove ferrous and strongly magnetic material prior to an Eddy Current Separator that recovers non-ferrous metals.
The principle of operation of a three-phase separator is fairly straightforward.
Open the separator by turning its drain cock counterclockwise.
Coalescence and secondary crushing of droplets as well as dropdown of droplets from the walls of the separator can all be neglected.
Polypore or Daramic)1 focused on several actions that Polypore took to gain and preserve market power in several battery separator markets.
To effectively recover coarse particles, the Eriez Flotation Division has combined the advantages of traditional teeter-bed separators with the selectivity of flotation cells to develop a new separation device, the HydroFloat Separator.
Koch has 16 years of experience in the battery separator industry.
Polypore is divesting the business, which is comprised of lead-acid battery separator facilities in Piney Flats, Tennessee, and Feistritz, Austria, in compliance with an order issued by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
The Westfalia Separator[R] eco family comprises separators for clarifying, skimming and bacterial removal.
RAWALPINDI, October 04, 2011 (Frontier Star): The sole Count let Cell Separator Machine installed in Holy Family hospital is insufficient for increasing number of patients diagnosed with Dengue viral fever.
If you make battery separator films you might be interested in a report released recently by Eldib Engineering & Research, Berkeley Heights, NJ.
Q The use of a water/fuel separator filter will remove water from gas.