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Synonyms for separationist

a person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

Synonyms for separationist

an advocate of secession or separation from a larger group (such as an established church or a national union)

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Of all the justices who have written on church-state matters, it seems to me that Justice Thomas has been most dedicated and, it is to be admitted, most articulate, in his attempt to destroy the separationist understanding of things.
That was the essence of his separationist view--that having government involved in your religion demeans your religious beliefs.
Self-censor often occurs, but it is simply too risky for the CPD to keep silent when there are separationist movements or human rights abuses going on.
This rhetoric, more than any other, set the terms and the tone for a strict separationist jurisprudence that reached ascendancy on the Court in the second half of the 20th century.
BEYOND UNCOVERING THE HISTORICALLY dubious and ideologically troubling paternity of the Court's separationist jurisprudence, Drakeman seeks to provide a historically accurate interpretation of the Establishment Clause's original meaning.
When blacks received citizenship after the Civil War, white Americans created separationist strategies to argue (ahistorically) that real whites had never associated socially with blacks.
I believe that the separationist demand that government do nothing to "aid religion" is fundamentally disconnected from and at odds with this reality of extensive religion in existing social-service programs and practices.
But Backus also made comments that imply separationist inclinations; in his words, "the confounding of civil and ecclesiastical affairs together has done amazing mischief in this world.
Ultimately, separationist language led to the third of the Supreme Court's three-pronged requirement (the so-called Lemon test).
A separationist view of teacher ed curriculum, on the other hand, is one that separates subject--matter and method, and simultaneously promotes a view of teachers as technicians who base what they do on empirical studies, not moral philosophy.
Barak's subsequent failure in his re-election campaign against Ariel Sharon did not mean the defeat of his separationist policies.
The "no aid" separationist can simply point out that the First Amendment contains a clause forbidding establishments of religion and then argue that a voucher program including religious schools transgresses this prohibition.
Concerning work and family, a number of sport sociologists contend that sport in general--and the traditional sports of football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, in particular--assumes a separationist perspective in which athletes must keep work and family separate and where management does not consider the family lives of their employees.
Hitchcock's two-volume contribution to church-state scholarship will prove to be a cornerstone for accommodationist theory and a thorn in the flesh for separationist scholars.