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advocacy of a policy of strict separation of church and state


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Freeman advocates and urges Baptists to avoid separationism and sectarianism and to embrace ecumenism enthusiastically, offering the wisdom of their tradition as a gift to the wider church.
42) ft would be anachronistic to assert that separationism was in the Founders' minds: (43) the strict separationist stance first appeared in the post-World War II American Religion Clause case law, a half century after the Framers turned their energies to the content of the Australian Constitution.
For Calarco, although Derrida had contested Heidegger's diagnosis of the human/animal abyss in earlier work (notably Geschlecht II), his late essays and interviews on this theme with their insistence on the abyssal rupture between human and animal ultimately serve to reinstate Heideggerian separationism.
Thus, the strict separationism of Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance (20) and of Jefferson's Bill for Religious Freedom, captured in his "wall" metaphor, (21) reflected the mood in Congress when the Religion Clauses were adopted.
Jones sees leeway as "essentially an exercise in capitalizing on the conspicuous features of separationism .
Tuttle, Historic Preservation Grants to Houses of Worship: A Case Study in the Survival of Separationism, 43 B.
The Belgian church and state regime is not characterized by separationism or by radical and assertive secularism (3), but by moderate secularism (4), favourable neutrality (5) or accomodationism (6).
Beckwith's own treatment of radical church-state separationism, drawing on the work of Philip Hamburger, reveals how a concept once advanced in America by Protestants wary of Catholic influences has developed into a weapon wielded by secularists bent on suppressing the influence of Christianity altogether.
The third position falls somewhere in between the two and is probably the most invoked position in recent times--neutral separationism.
More fundamentally, liberal critics failed to understand how the shifting constitutional and statutory framework that gave momentum to the faith-based initiative had an even deeper provenance in the broader political economy of welfare spending, which, over the previous three decades, had been dramatically transformed in ways that made the comparatively extreme church-state separationism prevalent at the beginning of that era increasingly volatile and unsustainable.
In these circumstances, I do not see that "no aid" separationism can be a viable policy.
After a period of separationism, being religious is once more understood to be part of being human, not something that sets you apart.
Williams employed the now famous metaphor of a hedge separating the garden of the church from the wilderness of the world in works such as The Bloudy Tenet of Persecution (1644) and is credited by some as forging seminal ideals of separationism in the New World.
A second important reason to favor strict separationism is that it is wrong to tax people to support the religion of others.
1) Conversely, when the government is speaking itself or advancing its own policy goals in a government administered program, that separationism should be the dominant paradigm.