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Synonyms for separation

Synonyms for separation

the act or process of detaching

the act or an instance of distinguishing

the act or process of isolating

a space or interval between objects or points

Synonyms for separation

the distance between things


Related Words

sorting one thing from others

the space where a division or parting occurs

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the termination of employment (by resignation or dismissal)

(law) the cessation of cohabitation of man and wife (either by mutual agreement or under a court order)

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These extremists yearn to make their narrow understanding of Christianity the law of the land for everyone--and sullying the separation of church and state is job one on their to-do list.
In this context it seemed worthwhile to conduct an empirical study on selected cases of vertical separation in several areas of network activity (telecoms, energy and rail transport) (*).
Generally, the date of separation is the date that earned income ceases to be community [Poe v.
The principle of separation of church and state is essential for providing for and preserving both religious freedom and the long-term continuation of the peaceful stability of a well-ordered, liberal democracy--where human equality and human freedom are regarded as fundamental and intrinsic goods and where more human freedom is recognized as better than less.
The program continues to offer interested officers the following separation options, which may also include a waiver for recouping education costs:
Plastics recyclers borrowed float/sink separation from the mining industry in the 1970s.
Prior to the divorce, however, they had entered into a separation agreement that provided, in part,
McFarland is a member of Santa Clarita for Separation of Church and State, formed earlier this week as Smyth prepared to attend the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast sponsored by The Dunamis Group.
Since 1998, VA and the military services have collaborated to establish single separation exam programs.
Using a unique rate-controlled mass loss heating method, three rate-controlled mass change temperature control functions are available in the evaluation software, thus offering a considerably higher separation of the individual mass loss steps compared to conventional measurements at a constant heating rate.
In nine essays designed to help pastors and laypersons learn the true meaning of the separation of church and state, Mark Whitten descries and debunks certain myths concerning church-state separation.
Walker Magnetics offers a line of pulleys, suspended separators, drums and eddy current separation equipment with separation magnets.
Alienated Affections: The Scottish Experience of Divorce and Separation, 1684-1830.
Thus, annual total separation data facilitate analyses of occupational supply and demand.
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