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a wall erected on the line between two properties and shared by both owners

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The large glass area on the Audace doors and separating walls allowed the increment of the passengers' vision field and well-being.
He said that the shop next door was open for maintenance work and the robbers made a hole inside the separating wall to reach to the jewellery safe.
On the other side of the separating wall, one Asian HIV positive woman was quietly standing near the small opening of the door in her cell.
In this paper we study the extended Shi arrangement by fixing a hyperplane in it and calculating the number of regions for which that hyperplane is a separating wall.
It also criticized Israel's settlement policy, stressing that, "settlements and the separating wall were set up in occupied land, and demolishing homes and evicting its people is illegal in accordance with international law.
Three blended classes of fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders share two classrooms that feel more like one big one, with no separating wall.
A firm of builders had been knocking down a separating wall to turn the ground-floor shops, both closed for business, into one property, with planning permission from Haringey Council.
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