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with possibility of separation or individuation


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Since h is separably valued, it is strongly measurable.
Funding for the VAW-related components of these programs is generally incorporated into the overall program budgets and not separably identifiable.
In this instance of a translation from an external vesting to something "radically inward" there is a cost, a "narrowing and a personalizing of the power of the vestiary symbol which no longer has even a separably or externally actualized form.
The constraints for each correspondence relation are, however, independent (and therefore separably rankable), and are also specific to each reduplicative affix, thereby allowing different patterns of reduplication within the same language.
Consumption and leisure enter the period utility function either separably
I follow Krutilla (1991) by modeling the environmental externality as a distinct linear function of production that enters separably into a country's welfare function, the cost of which is given by the functions S(Q) and [S.
This suggests that the multilayer assembly gives a good approximation to a continuous single layer under photolysis, and yet remains separably analyzable afterwards.
Their total cost function, with much attention to multiple products, case mix, and quality (an innovation in itself), assumes that each hospital could be inefficient for a variety of reasons not separably measurable.