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Synonyms for separable


Synonyms for separable

capable of being divided or dissociated

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Total quantity or scope: The supply is divided into 3 batches separable defined as follows
Within the Best Carton category, judges recognized the benefits Tetra Top with Separable Top brings to consumers: the convenience of a bottle, the environmental profile of a carton and a contemporary look and feel.
The problems are arranged in such chapters as equations in which the variables are separable, miscellaneous first order equations, singular points, and first order partial differential equations.
BJJS11], the latter of which gave an effective formula for the Mobius function of intervals of separable permutations (those avoiding both of the patterns 2413 and 3142) and reduced the computation for decomposable permutations (those non-trivially expressible as direct sums) to that for indecomposable ones.
We call training set (3-2) fuzzy linear separable in the confidence level [lambda].
NNA - 06/08/2012 - Deputy Ali Fayyad explained that the liberation strategy and the defense one rely within the same frame and are hardly separable.
A further hazard-avoidance practice: When reassembling the P38, be damned certain to replace the separable locking block
The primary water-absorbing agent exhibits a Centrifuge Retention Capacity of from about 5 to about 20 g/g; and the compound is present without forming a chemical bond with the water-absorbing particles and/or the compound is separable from the water-absorbing particles.
Permaswage is the global leader in aerospace permanent and separable fluid fittings and associated tooling technologies with operations in Los Angeles, California; USA, Paris, France and Suzhou, China.
Each chapter includes problems to help students, teaches the basics of image processing, and discusses issues such as complications that arise from source code images of different dimensions, and how to leverage separable kernels.
The so called, perceptron was shown to be able to classify linear separable patterns.
This is a lifestyle choice, distinct and separable from one's vocation.
For me, the worst thing is that before this I had identical twins - but I now have twins separable by a scar.
1](K) [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Since [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a hereditarily separable space, it implies that f -1(K) is separable in M, i.
Theorem A Banach space B is separable if and only if not all functions in C(R, B) are mean periodic.