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the capability of being separated

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There is no copyright protection for useful articles, but under the ruling in Star, artistic features of useful articles can be protected if they meet the requirements of the Star test for conceptual separability.
The Fed placcd additional emphasis on the separability facet of LER in the context of recovery planning in a 2014 supervisory letter directed to the eight largest banks.
Land classification: We chose 30 classes, in which the highest value for average separability coincided with intermediate values of minimum separability (Fig.
Separability Structure of the Model: GARP and Afriat Inequalities
Until recently, the Court allowed an exception to separability in cases where illegality, fraud, or some other fatal defect was alleged in the arbitration clause itself.
Meanwhile, the separability of different submanifolds is maximized; that is, different submanifolds can be distinguished more clearly.
Her neologism "intra-action" is distinct from the more usual "interaction" because the latter, Barad insists, assumes a fundamental and complete separability of firmly bounded, isolate entities.
I think that the Essays of Professor John McGinnis (1) and Beth Kregor (2) strengthen the case for the separability thesis.
In fact, such a representation may conflict with the goal of classification, generating a time-frequency representations (TFR) that maximizes the separability of TFRs from different classes.
Speaking within the arena of small metal components--fourslide and progressive die stampings, specifically--the design of these components will need to embrace issues, such as part orientation and separability of parts, to name two.
The authors have proposed a method for detecting a plaque boundary by using the weighted image separability method and the level set method [13].
In a radio interview, Aquino said the initiative proposition contained a so-called separability clause.
On the other hand, simply adding short-chain components like acetic acid improves precipitation separability but produces undesirable physical properties in the resin, such as insufficient thermoplasticity and water resistance.
In order to receive copyright protection, a given object must meet the requirement of separability and the requirement of originality.
Topics include the nature of legal authority; the regulation of speech; the legal theories underlying bans of polygamy; Ronald Dworkin's and Nigel Simmonds's challenges to legal positivism; Joseph Raz's treatments of theories of law, separability and necessity, and laws normativity; universalism and particularism as different approaches to understanding legal reasons; natural law and the relationship between crimes and wrongs; a non-instrumental value of rights derived from their constitutive role in a universal form of community; a novel theory for the justification of group rights; justification of imprisonment in the theory of punishment; and the communicative theory of punishment of Antony Duff.