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the capability of being separated

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To this end, due to the separability of the approximations that we will consider later for the multivariate setting, we present our methodology for a single real variable in Section 2.
Fisher contrast is used to design the kernel nonparametric TFRDCS, It is deliberately designed to maximize separability between classes and minimize the intra-class variance.
i) The definition of weak separability can be given for arbitrary subsets in [n]; see [3, 6, 1, 5].
The separability of the nominal rate into the real rate and expected inflation also suggests a quick way to gauge market expectations of inflation: look at the difference between nominal and real treasury bonds.
The first matrix shows high, the second--medium and the third--low separability of alternatives:
This is a weak form of separability which is accepted even within the so exotic de Broglie Bohm's approach but which is rejected for those models accepting Eq.
329) The arbitral community therefore developed the principle of separability, which, in general terms, states that challenges to the validity or existence of the contract in which an arbitration agreement is found do not affect the validity or existence of the arbitration agreement itself.
The Discriminant Window not only allows the differences between the two groups of EMG intensity patterns to be visualized, but it also allows separability to be determined with use of an appropriate discriminant.
The magnitude of the bias caused by the additive separability assumption appears to be uncomfortably big.
The situation was quite serious because, as pointed out by Simar and Wilson (2007), the nonfulfillment of suppositions like separability would completely invalidate the results.
The GAHSI result provided evidence for the existence and separability of such a region.
In short, the court found that the classification of software as tangible personal property does not depend on the separability of the program from the tangible medium on which it is recorded, but rather on the view that the written program is a "tangible manifestation of intellectual property.
To maintain high generalization ability, the optimal structure of decision tree is determined using statistical measures for obtaining class separability.
On the other hand, it is doubtful that separability of operational systems, though desirable for effective resolvability, would itself be enough," the report said.