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one of the green parts that form the calyx of a flower

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The five appendages that compose the perianth cannot be defined as sepals or petals in the type specimens (Fig.
The sepals retained at the distal ends of the fruit stalks had tracheary elements with helical bands only.
The calyx is the first whorl of organs to emerge, with the upper sepal first, followed by the simultaneous emergence of the lower sepals (Fig.
Petals, stamens and pistil from sporangiare meristem, and sepals, bracts and receptacle from receptacle meristem are formed, which is in accordance with findings of Majd and Jafari [11] and Jafari and Sharee [12].
Relation of weight of sepal to capsule, it was showed significant differences effect of cultivation & accumulation to the all characteristics was having 1 % significant differences (Table: 1).
6 mm long that do not open completely; the upper sepal is pale yellow, whereas lateral sepals are dark red, and the petals, 1.
WORKS: Paul Morrison's Sepal (above), Simon Bedwell and Milly Thompson's The Ambassador (top right) and Alan Gouk's Hoary Footman 1997 - 2001(above right)
Primarily sepal-carpel intermediates, carpels, and sepals form.
His painting Sepal won a runner-up prize in the acclaimed John Moores 22 competition, part of last year's Liverpool Biennial.
Two others among the top ten prizewinners made the visitors' Top Ten, Hoary Footman by Alan Gouk and Sepal by Liverpool-born Paul Morrison.
Sepal by Paul Morrison is also among the five paintings on the shortlist.