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a small shelter with an open front to protect a sentry from the weather

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At Horse Guards Parade ceremonial soldiers will remain in their sentry boxes but will be backed up by a new rapid response unit.
Masked gunmen on motorcycles attacked three police sentry boxes in Pattani Province Thursday night, killing five police officers and one villager and injuring three police officers, local police and news reports said.
And constables who spend hours on guard duty in sentry boxes at fortified police stations will also be replaced.
In the 1970s the sentry boxes began to be phased out - with the exception of those that were ``listed'' or in ``areas of scenic beauty'' - in favour of modern, free-standing pedestal phones.
And before that Australians were seen in the sentry boxes in 1953 during the Coronation year.
Tenders are invited for Special Repair Replacement Of Existing Service Water Storage Tanks Provision Of Road Path Chain Link Fencing Sentry Boxes And Sanctioned Work In Certain Units And Certain Misc Repairs In Offrs Accn Under Age B R I Of Ge East Jalandhar Cantt
Turkish soldiers are keeping watch in the military sentry boxes which were deployed on the ground level for not being an open target to ISIL militants.
The training has been intense and for weeks the soldiers have practised every aspect of the Changing of the Guard ceremony using parade squares marked up with chalk indicating the various gates or sentry boxes.
Liverpool have an outstanding defensive record, having gone 1,041 minutes spread over 11 and a bit games recently before conceding a goal, but Owen is a master at picking locks and if those in the sentry boxes lose concentration for a second it'll be their downfall.
But, complete with a bearskin, he stands 9ft tall and cannot fit into the sentry boxes outside the royal palaces so he will have to be replaced by a shorter soldier every time it rains.
For men from an English regiment are going to march north to fill the sentry boxes.
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Sentry Boxes At Certain Places And 25 50 Ltrs Capacity Geyser And Connected Works Chakabama Military Station
The Toon Army did not approve in the main but it was all change in the sentry boxes.
Tenders are invited for Special Repair/Replacement Of Existing Service Water Storage Tanks, Provision Of Road Path, Chain Link Fencing, Sentry Boxes And Sanctioned Works In Certain Units And Certain Misc Repairs In Offrs Accn Under Age B/R-I Of Ge(E) Jrc
In the video is seen that attacker Elif Sultan Kalsen is walking towards the sentry boxes at the entrance of the police department and opening fire.