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a small shelter with an open front to protect a sentry from the weather

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The items range from a Canadian canoe which was used on the lake at Doxford House and leather ice skates to a Victorian oak servants' bed, a sentry box which housed the estate's petrol pump and the lantern which hung outside the hall.
In Yaring District, three policemen were killed as five gunmen riding two motorcycles fired AK-47 rifles and a pistol into a police sentry box, the police said.
So, in the small space behind the door, Laura made a sentry box to guard his toys and teddies.
RON GROVES, the buttons on his red tunic glinting in the sunshine, peered from under his bearskin at the throng of tourists gathered only feet from his sentry box.
Officials from the famous London landmark admitted they have been forced to change some of their locks after a set of keys was stolen from a sentry box at the fortress site.
This reminded me of that little sentry box that Lionel Jefferies inhabited in the film Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang
Made out of Perspex, it's a like a small sentry box for youngsters to creep into.
It shows a tree and a sort of corrugated sentry box.
She also confessed that nestled alongside her sentry box keys was a packet of Polo mints.
Pervaded by the sound of breathing (audio installation by HB Sound), the "pool" contained a sort of sentry box, also blue, containing three photographic triptychs ("Hallenbad Portraits," 2002-2003) and a DVD projection (Hallenbad, 2003).
While a teenage North Korean was able to seek refuge within the building, the other was taken to a sentry box, at which point South Korean diplomats began to intervene, he said.
Eventually turn left at double gates with a sentry box structure, then right at another set of similar gates and continue with a hedge on your right to Rake Lane.
A Scots Guards officer raised the alarm when the 26-year-old man dropped the parcel next to his sentry box and ran away.
Closer up, it resembles a large silver sentry box with a bulging front, suitable for a portly preposterous yet amiable part keeper out of a Hans Andersen tale.